Lush Haul



So I went to Lush in Liverpool and decided to treat myself to some products. What i love about Lush is that all their products are not tested on animals, and as I’m a huge animal lover this is a good thing to know.

IMG_0904 IMG_0906

BIG – Sea Salt Shampoo
Have a big hair day. That is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze.

I bought ‘Big’ as I have fine hair and I wanted my hair to look thicker and
more full of volume. I used it for the time today and it made my hair smell amazing and gave my hair look fuller. I recommend to anyone who has fine hair.


TEA TREE WATER – Toner Water
comes to the aid of skin that has emergencies. Tea tree is a wonder antibacterial, antiseptic and anti microbial ingredient for anyone with oily or spot prone skin.

I bought the ‘Tea tree water’ because I love anything tea tree as it’s so good for my skin and works wonders, I’ve used it a couple times and I love it.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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