Schwarzkopf Colour Mask Review



I’ve been dying my hair for a good few years now and i always turn to the black/brown hair colours, as i don’t want my hair to be jet black but i also don’t want it being a medium brown so this is great for me. I used to use Schwarzkopf Live Salon Style in Dark brown which i loved and made my hair colour look amazing but they stopped selling it so i picked up Schwarzkopf Colour Mask in black brown as a replacement.

What i love about this hair dye is it’s also a hair mask so it doesn’t damage or dry out your hair and keeps it looking hydrated and shiny! It doesn’t have a strong smell or isn’t hard to get off your skin. It gives your hair a natural looking colour and doesn’t fade. (Just bare in mind some shampoo’s can strip colour out of your hair so be careful of the ones you use if you want to or if you dye your hair.)

If you are in the uk you can pick this brand of hair dye up from Bodycare for around £4.99. I Dye my hair every time my roots get to around 1 inch.


Whats in the box

In the box you get the:

Colour Mask Developing Creme.

A Hair Mask/Conditioner

The Hair Colorant

The Instructions & Gloves

I would also recommend these:

A Hair dying brush to help even the dye onto your roots. You can pick these up cheap from anywhere that sells hair dye.

Face wipes to wipe the dye that gets onto your skin.

Vaseline (I use the esos lip balms as they work just as well) This stops the dye staining your skin so put it around your hairline, neck and ears.

Hair clips. This will help spilt your hair so it will be easier to get the dye to your roots.

Hair Brush: Brush your hair before and while your dying your hair. This will make sure they are no knots in your hair so they hair dye gets to every strand of hair.

Schwarzkopf have a wide range of shades of colour and i think they have a colour shade to suit everyone! I recommend this hair dye as it does treat your hair as it dyes & isn’t damaging. It covers greys and it doesn’t fade. It’s easy to apply and you can do it on your own. It’s also easy to keep up with root touch ups as the colour won’t turn out different to the hair you previously dyed. All in all I love this hair dye and i haven’t been disappointed by it, I’ve been using this product for around 2 years now and it’s always my go to hair dye.

*I also recommend you do a strand test to check you like the colour and the way it turns out before dying you whole head and also a skin test 24 hours before you dye your hair just to check incase you are allergic to it. You do this by taking a bit of the developer and the colorant, mix these together and then put it on your skin, wait 24 hours and if nothing happens you can dye your whole head. Its better to be safe then sorry.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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My Favourite Skincare Products.





I don’t have many skin care products but heres my favourite ones which i highly recommend. All of these products i bought myself and I’m not sponsored.

Lush: Tea Tree Water

This product is from Lush its £7.95 which is a little expensive but its a great product. I use this daily and it helps with spots and also helps tone your skin. Tea Tree is one of my favourite skin products as it always works for me. I would recommend this product to anyone who spot prone skin as i think it really helps get rid of them and prevents them.



Neutrogena: Spot Stress Control

I bought this product from boots it’s £3.99. I use this daily as it helps to prevent spots and also clears them. Its also a 3-1 daily cleansing lotion. It helps to deeply cleanse the skin, Reduces the redness and shine and Helps clear spots. This is also a good product for if you can feel a spot coming on your face as it can help reduce the redness and clear the spot fast. It will sting on when put on the spot but that means its helping.


Champneys: Gentle Conditioning Toner

I got this product for £7.50 in boots. Its expensive but it makes my skin feel clean and helps tone it. I put this on a cotton pad and then apply it to my face. I use this every other day i feel like my skin is getting a bit clogged up.



L’Oreal: Skin Perfection

I bought this product from super drug it’s £4.99. I use this every other day or when i wear makeup. It dissolves make up, Unclogs your pores and remove any impurities on you face and also Tones and smoothes the skin. I find this a good product for if you wear a lot of makeup everyday as it removes all your makeup and makes you face feel clean.


Neutrogena: Oil-Free Moisturiser 

I bought this product from Boots for £4.99. Im currently trying to find a good moisturiser for my face and for now this one is doing the job. I have an oily face with a few dry patches so this helps with both. It also gives me the right kind of shine and my face feel smooth all day.


Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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