How To Repair Damaged Hair

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After trying to get my hair back to it’s natural colour my hair got really damaged in the process and kept snapping off. This wasn’t good for me because I’ve been trying to grow my hair and i then had to have 2/3 inches cut off because it was so damaged! These are the things i did to my hair to help repair and strengthen it back up. I would recommend reading reviews before using certain brands of hair dye as some can do more damage then good to you hair.

What I Used To Help Repair My Hair


L’Oreal Elvive – Thickening Masque 

This first thing i did was use hair mask’s. There are a lot of hair masks out there but finding one that actually does the job it’s supposed to do can be hard. I’ve used many masks but i haven’t really noticed a difference in my hair. I then used John Frieda’s Full Repair Deep Conditioner (£5.89) I put this all over my hair when it was wet, put it in a bun and left it for 5-10 minutes, i then washed it off. The first time i used it i didn’t really notice a difference but after a while i started to see my spilt ends were not as noticeable and my hair wasn’t snapping off as much.


Mane ‘n’ Tail Shampoo & Conditioner 

The next thing i did was find a Shampoo and Conditioner that would repair my hair and stop it from snapping off easily. I turned back to Mane ‘n Tail ( around £7 from amazon) as it helps grow hair and i heard it strengthens hair as well. After a month of using the shampoo i noticed such a huge difference in my hair, my hair wasn’t snapping off while i was washing my hair and it looks more healthy and my spilt ends were not as noticeable. I will always highly recommend this product because its help my hair grow and strengthen in a short time and always does wonders to my hair.


Tangel Teezer

I purchased a Tangle Teezer from boots. (£10.99) This hair brush is expensive but defiantly worth the money. I got recommend this by a friend and I’ve loved it ever since. As i have fine hair, my hair knots very easily, just going on a short walk can knot my hair so much if you have fine hair you will understand the pain. This brush helps get the knots out without hurting my scalp or pulling my hair out. Its gentle on the hair and prevents damaging it. Changing your hair brush sounds a little silly when talking about how to repair your hair but it’s such an improvement and can help just as much as using a hair mask as you brush your hair everyday and if your brush is ripping hair out each time you brush it its going to damage your hair even more.


Umberto Giannini – Mend My Hair Therapy

The last thing i did was try to find a product to help spilt ends. I searched high and low for a good product that wasn’t too pricy and did the job. After doing lots of research and not being able to find the product i wanted to try out i picked up the Umberto Giannini – Mend My Hair Therapy (£7.99) If i’m honest I’ve never heard of or used any of this brands products before. But i picked it up and gave it a go and I’m happy with the results. After I’ve washed my hair i take 2 little pumps and rub it between my hands, i then evenly put it through my hair focusing more on the ends of my hair. I used this every time i wash my hair and with using this product for a short to i noticed a difference with my spilt ends. Im not very keen on putting oily products in my hair but this has helped my ends a lot and is defiantly worth the price.

I’m happy with the results from these products as my hair was that bad and breaking i didn’t want to have to cut it again. These have helped repair my hair and get it back to the state it was in before i dyed it. I’ve tried to make sure some of these products are affordable but it can be hard finding affordable products that work as sometimes its easier to pay a little more for something that will benefit you in the long run.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post helped you.
Katie x

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