Planning My Outfit / OOTD


Planning my outfit


Since it’s started to get cold I’ve started to layer my outfits and also try and plan them the night before to save me time in the morning deciding what to wear.


 Here’s some of my favourite clothing items.


My two most worn clothing items are my H&M Coat (£45) & New Look Scarf (£15)

I love this dress from H&M ( Less then £15) as its simple and you can either dress it up or dress it down.

This jumper is so cosy and such a nice colour! This is also from H&M (£15) i love their jumpers are they are so cosy and affordable.

This is what it looks like layered.

These shoes are from Primark (£12) & are my new favourite most worn shoes.


My Cat watch is from my sister, how cute is it?!

IMG_7043 IMG_7068

The finished look ( Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures)


Thanks for reading,

Katie x

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