What’s In My Bag



I have the city shopper with zips from Zara £60
I love this bag as it fits everything I need in.



My iPad
(For writing notes in lectures)

My notepad
(I Highly recommend Pukka Pad)

My little bag for personal items
(I also keep a spare bobble and clip in here and also Neurofen incase i get a headache)

Hand cream
(L’Occitane Best hand cream, perfect to keep in your bag for winter/cold weather)

Lip balm
(Maybelline Baby Lips)

(Gummy HeadPhones £5)


(Best to have them in your bag)

My keys

Pocket Mirror

(If you want to stay organised i recommend this day planner from Paperchase)

Chewing Gum

I also have a drink and a snack in my bag for breaks

I don’t know why I have so much in my bag I just use the ‘I might need it’ excuse.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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