Make Up Routine And Products



I rarely wear makeup but when i do this is what i use and these are my go to products. I use two eyeliner’s and I use the Real Techniques stippling brush to apply my powder and foundation.



Botanics – 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution
This cleanser is good at cleaning makeup off your skin and also using as a toner, you can buy this for boots and i have a full review on this product on another post.

Champneys – Moisturising Day Cream
This is hands down my favourite moisturizer and i also have the night cream, it’s light on your skin and doesn’t leave it feeling oily and it sinks straight into your skin so you don’t have to wait for it to dry.

L’Oreal – Nude Magique
I don’t wear foundation so I went out on a whim and purchased this a while ago and because its like a powder more than a foundation it isn’t oily looking. It blends into your skin so easily, because its like a powder but its a foundation it covers all your blemishes and leaves skin looking even.

Maybelline – Fit Me Powder
This is my favourite powder, it’s quite a light powder but you can build it up on your skin and gives your skin a nice healthy look.


Seventeen – Brow’s That!
I use this to fill in my eyebrows and its a good cheap product, it not too dark so you can build the colour up.


Collection 2000 – Fast Stroke Eyeliner
I use this eyeliner to fill in my winged out look, it stays in place all day and is an affordable eyeliner.

Natural Collection – Mascara 
I love this mascara and it’s not fancy or pricy, it just does the job of making your lashes look longer and nicer.

L’Oreal – Super Liner
I use this eyeliner first as its gone a long fine tip and i use it to line my eyes and create the winged out look. It’s a cheap product for those on a budget and its so easy to apply!

Leave your favourite make up day products below

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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My Favourite Bloggers On WordPress

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Hi guys,

I love reading other people’s blogs in my spare time and recently I’ve found a few (10) that i find my self reading every day and that i love! If you love just to get up a blog on your iPad or laptop while having a nice relaxing day, these blogs are great to read. Here’s my top 10 bloggers on WordPress and please follow them because you won’t regret it!

In no particular order here are my favourite blogs on WordPress:

These blogs contain Lifestyle posts, Beauty reviews, Hair Tutorials, Fashion, Day to-day activities, Fun and quirky post’s that will just make you smile and much more!





Mimi’s Beauty 

Anomalous Me Beauty 

nataliecharlotte1992’s Blog

Daily Makeup Blog


Just Becky 

The girls have such amazing blog’s and they post a lot of helpful things.

Please feel free to comment what your favourite blogs are because I love finding new and interesting blog’s to read 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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50 Followers! A Huge Thank You!!

PicMonkey Collage1

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a quick post saying THANK YOU! In less than a month I’ve gone from 8 followers to 50! This might not seem like very much but to me this is such a huge mile stone in my blog/life. When I started this blog around 3 months ago I never thought people would actually read it or even follow me, so thank you to each and every one of you who follow me and read my post’s every time I upload them! The comments and the likes mean so much to me, and the people who comment on my posts are so lovely and the things you say make my entire day! I also love reading the blogs I follow and I’ve met some very nice people on here. So this is a little post just to say a huge thank you for everyone who’s helped me make my little hobby a dream and I will continue to post every 2 days 😀

I hope you’re all having a lovely day

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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Another Lazy Sunday


PicMonkey Collage

It’s another lazy Sunday for me.

Today i will be spending all day cooped up in my bunny onesie in bed and reading magazines, catching up with tv programmes (Hollyoaks, it’s a guilty pleasure & gossip girl) While eating delicious foods and just relaxing. I’ve had such a busy week at uni and rushing to meet my essay deadlines I’ve decided to have a well deserved break!

I’m also trying new ways to make my blog look more appealing and easier to read so if you like this collage of photos instead of just individual ones leave me a comment 🙂

Also I’m writing ideas for upcoming blog posts so feel free to ask me to do a specific one of anything you want a review on or a post about and I will be happy to write it. If you would also like to see more video ootd’s please comment and I will go out and film some cold weather ones for you 🙂

How will you be spending your sunday?
I hope you have a nice weekend

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye Review

beauty product review


Hi, I’m back with another hair dye review! This time i decided to try a different brand as i was looking for a more natural black hair dye. I stumbled across this Nice’N Easy one in Bodycare. The reason i decided to re dye my hair was because my ombre was feeling a little dry and i wanted to dye my whole hair and give it a rest for a while before i re did the ombre.

The hair dye is £4.49 in bodycare and i got the shade 122 which is a natural black.

about this product

This hair dye was easy to prepare the mix and also very easy to apply. Because this is a dark colour when you apply it to your hair you can automatically see where you have put it and where you have missed.

I start by parting my hair at my ears and putting the rest in a clip. I then apply the product to my roots then start going down the hair. I repeat this until all my hair is covered, if you have any dye left in the bottle i always pour it onto my hands and then rub into my scalp and ends to check I have got everything.

This product smells alright and doesn’t leave a nasty hair dye smell after you have used it.

The gloves are great because they actually fit my hands whereas most hair dye gloves are way too big and I find it hard apply the product with them.

The conditioner you get is amazing! the smell is nice and it left my hair not feeling or looking shiny which I hate! I don’t use conditioner the only times I do is if my hair needs some treatment or if I’ve dyed it.

With using such a dark dye i would recommend you covering your hair-line, ears and back of the neck with Vaseline as it can stain your skin and its a pain to get off.

I recommend this hair dye as it isn’t damaging to your hair, it comes out the colour it says on the box and is also affordable.

Here’s the end product

What are your favourite hair dyes?

*If anyone dyes their hair and uses a natural medium brown colour please leave it in the comments as I’m trying to go back to my natural colour and I can’t find the right shade. Thank you! *

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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Boots Botanics Review

beauty product review

I went to boots the other day with my mum and saw the Boots Botanics were on offer and decided to pick up some and try them out.


Boots Botanics Review

‘From organic skincare to luxurious bath and body, Botanics make products that are affordable and that really work. Exclusive to Boots.’


Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing solution

‘Dissolves make up, unclogs pores and removes impurities’

I don’t wear make up so i don’t know if it does the job of removing it but for unclogging pores it does a good job! My face felt nice and soft after and didn’t feel sticky like some cleansing solutions do. It doesn’t have a smell to it which I’m a little disappointed about as i like fruity smelling products. If you are looking for a cheap cleansing solutions or a dupe of miracle water i would recommend this.

This is on offer in boots and you can get it here.


Skin Calming Day Cream

‘Soothes, protects and hydrates for sensitive skin’

This product has had mixed reviews on their website but i like this day cream and it hasn’t irrerated my skin or broke me out. It feels nice on the skin and soaks in fast, it smells also smells alright. It isn’t heavy or the skin or greasy feeling which is great as i hate using moisturisers that feel horrible on your skin or don’t dry into your skin. The packaging is nice and stands out.

This is on offer in boots and you can get it here.

I might do an updated review on it after using it for a month to see if it is a good product if you would like to see that.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator Review

beauty product review


Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator 

‘Ultra-fine apricot granules and grape seed exfoliate and refine, while a trio of pumpkin, pineapple and papaya extracts work naturally to help increase cell renewal. Skin is left feeling smooth and glowing with radiance.’

This is one of the best exfoliator i have used. Most times when i use products with the little beads in it, they normally make my face dry and itchy but this just makes my skin feel smooth and looking amazing, It also has a nice fruity smell to it. You put this on after you have wet your face and apply in circular motions, then you rinse with warm water. I like to use it when i have a bath and leave it on for 5 minutes then wash it off my face. It helps refine and even skin tone for a lasting glow, and it does what it says on the tin! I would recommend only using this once or twice a week.

You can purchase the product here 

Whats your favourite exfoliator? If you have a dupe of this please leave it below as i would love to try it and it will help people who don’t want to pay a lot for this product 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie xx

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Storage Boxes & Tin’s Ideas


If you have things you want to put away or store your clutter in to make it look nicer, i have a few storage tins and box ideas that you might like.

These 3 tins are from Tesco and are perfect for kitchen storage! You can put food and snacks in them or you can even use them as bedroom decoration like i do.

These tins are perfect for putting your nail varnish’s in. You can remove the top one from the bottom.

These boxes are great for storage dvd’s and books on a shelf. You can pick them up for under £5 in places like B&M or whsmith.

These baskets are great for storing makeup and beauty products in. You can get these in a pack of 3 sizes for less then £10 in B&M. I find these so nice looking and it helps your room look nice and keeping all your beauty things in one place.

This trunk is from Homebase and i use it too store things at the end of my bed. You can get these in big and small sizes and different patterns.

These wicker draws are perfect for storage in the bathroom for cotton pads ect or even for your bedroom. I store my moisturisers and face products in these.  £18 from Tesco.

These are amazing storage boxes from Matalan £25. I have brown and cream ones and i put them on top on my wardrobe and use them for extra storage.

I hope this helps you with storage ideas.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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How To Make Cheese, Leek & Bacon Tart


So me and my flatmate decided to a little late night cooking. I helped him create this amazing Cheese, Leek & Bacon Tart.


Carry on reading if you want to know how to make this amazing tart!

What you will need;

Olive Oil

3 leeks

 Ready-rolled puff pastry

 Soft cheese with garlic and herbs

4 Pieces of Bacon

Grated Cheese

step by step

1. Preheat the oven to 200C

2. Cut the Leek into thin slices.

3. Fry them until they are soft, when they are soft put them in a bowl or on a plate.

4.Cut the bacon of your choice into think slices.

5. Fry the bacon until crispy.

6. Unroll the pastry and put a layer of the soft cheese on it.

7. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and then add the leeks and bacon.

8. Add the rest of the cheese on top.

9. Flip the edges of the pastry over.

10. Cook for around 20 minutes until its golden.

11. Enjoy!

Comment below if you have made this and if you enjoyed it 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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Lazy Sunday OOTD


When you want to lounge around but don’t want to stay in your pj’s or you have errands to run wearing comfy, cosy clothes are the best.


Adventure Time from HMV

If you haven’t seen Adventure Time go watch it! Its such a funny animation and me and my boyfriend love to watch it.

Wet look leggings from Primark



This has to be my hands down favourite cardigan! It’s the right length and its so cosy!

What do you like to wear on your lazy days or if you have errands to run?

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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