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Sanctuary is a high end product and a little on the pricy side. I only use them once in a while as a deep skin treatment.

Here are my two favourite face mask’s and my review on them

Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

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The warming charcoal mask is amazing! My mum had the little sachets of them and i decided to use it while i had a bath as the weather and the stress of university has both joined forces and broke my skin out! As soon as you put it on you can feel it warming up and it’s so nice, i only put half the pack on my face and left it on while i relaxed in the bath. After i washed it all off and my skin felt so nice and smooth and i can see it actually helped my skin and my blemishes go down.

If you want to go all out and purchase the 100ml bottle (£10.50) click here
or if you just want the 15ml sachet (£3.00) click here.

Moisture Boosting Mask

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The moisture boosting mask i wasn’t too keen on. It’s a good face mask it does what it says on the packaging but i didn’t like the way it felt on my face.  It made my face feel nice and smooth and look a little brighter but i didn’t like what it felt like when it was on. It felt greasy and it took me a long time to take it off and after it felt like i still had it on. But if you prefer this type of mask then the peal off ones or the paper makes then this would be great for you.

You can buy this from boots (£3.00) here


What are your favourite face masks? I love trying out new face masks especially when having a hot bubble bath 🙂

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