Storage Boxes & Tin’s Ideas


If you have things you want to put away or store your clutter in to make it look nicer, i have a few storage tins and box ideas that you might like.

These 3 tins are from Tesco and are perfect for kitchen storage! You can put food and snacks in them or you can even use them as bedroom decoration like i do.

These tins are perfect for putting your nail varnish’s in. You can remove the top one from the bottom.

These boxes are great for storage dvd’s and books on a shelf. You can pick them up for under £5 in places like B&M or whsmith.

These baskets are great for storing makeup and beauty products in. You can get these in a pack of 3 sizes for less then £10 in B&M. I find these so nice looking and it helps your room look nice and keeping all your beauty things in one place.

This trunk is from Homebase and i use it too store things at the end of my bed. You can get these in big and small sizes and different patterns.

These wicker draws are perfect for storage in the bathroom for cotton pads ect or even for your bedroom. I store my moisturisers and face products in these.  £18 from Tesco.

These are amazing storage boxes from Matalan £25. I have brown and cream ones and i put them on top on my wardrobe and use them for extra storage.

I hope this helps you with storage ideas.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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