Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye Review

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Hi, I’m back with another hair dye review! This time i decided to try a different brand as i was looking for a more natural black hair dye. I stumbled across this Nice’N Easy one in Bodycare. The reason i decided to re dye my hair was because my ombre was feeling a little dry and i wanted to dye my whole hair and give it a rest for a while before i re did the ombre.

The hair dye is £4.49 in bodycare and i got the shade 122 which is a natural black.

about this product

This hair dye was easy to prepare the mix and also very easy to apply. Because this is a dark colour when you apply it to your hair you can automatically see where you have put it and where you have missed.

I start by parting my hair at my ears and putting the rest in a clip. I then apply the product to my roots then start going down the hair. I repeat this until all my hair is covered, if you have any dye left in the bottle i always pour it onto my hands and then rub into my scalp and ends to check I have got everything.

This product smells alright and doesn’t leave a nasty hair dye smell after you have used it.

The gloves are great because they actually fit my hands whereas most hair dye gloves are way too big and I find it hard apply the product with them.

The conditioner you get is amazing! the smell is nice and it left my hair not feeling or looking shiny which I hate! I don’t use conditioner the only times I do is if my hair needs some treatment or if I’ve dyed it.

With using such a dark dye i would recommend you covering your hair-line, ears and back of the neck with Vaseline as it can stain your skin and its a pain to get off.

I recommend this hair dye as it isn’t damaging to your hair, it comes out the colour it says on the box and is also affordable.

Here’s the end product

What are your favourite hair dyes?

*If anyone dyes their hair and uses a natural medium brown colour please leave it in the comments as I’m trying to go back to my natural colour and I can’t find the right shade. Thank you! *

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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