50 Followers! A Huge Thank You!!

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to write a quick post saying THANK YOU! In less than a month I’ve gone from 8 followers to 50! This might not seem like very much but to me this is such a huge mile stone in my blog/life. When I started this blog around 3 months ago I never thought people would actually read it or even follow me, so thank you to each and every one of you who follow me and read my post’s every time I upload them! The comments and the likes mean so much to me, and the people who comment on my posts are so lovely and the things you say make my entire day! I also love reading the blogs I follow and I’ve met some very nice people on here. So this is a little post just to say a huge thank you for everyone who’s helped me make my little hobby a dream and I will continue to post every 2 days 😀

I hope you’re all having a lovely day

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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