What I Got For Christmas


Hello everyone, i thought i would do a little what i got for christmas post. I’m happy with all the gifts i received & i left some out, i had an amazing christmas with my family and I’m excited for the new year!




With my christmas money i bought myself this bag from boots and ‘Fangirl’. I love all my presents and I’m happy they are cat/floral related as that’s what i love. Im excited to try all my bath bombs and make up and look out for the reviews in the new year!

Thank you for reading,
Katie xx

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No7 Advent Calendar


Hello everyone, i hope you’ve all had a wonderful christmas!

Here’s my little recap of the No7 Advent Calendar.

In this advent you get 25 little No7 product’s, I’ve really enjoyed this advent as i normally have chocolate ones and this was a nice change. You get eyeshadows, eyeliners, moisturisers, nail varnishes and much more. I feel like the items picked out for this are good quality products that everyone can enjoy and most of the lip colours/nail varnishes suit everyone. For £35 you get so much and such a range of products, you get everything you need for a starter kit for makeup. The eyeshadows are pigmented and are wearable for day and night, the nail varnish’s are also pigmented and you have 5 colours to choose out of. You get an amazing face exfoliator which leaves your skin feeling so smooth and brighter looking, you also get such a good quality eye cream & face creams. The lip crayon colours you get are wearable everyday and are nice shades.

Overall i love these products as they are good quality and a good range of products. I’m very happy with my No7 Advent Calendar and i will be purchasing it again next year to see what they pick out.

*Please note i have 2 products missing, the one from day one i missed place and day 22 which i never got in the advent but No7 kindly gave me some points to repurchase it.*


Here are my 12 Favourite picks out of the No7 Advent Calendar

No7 Lash Impact – Intense volume Control
I love this eyeliner as it gives length and volume to your lashes and makes them stand out.

No7 – Eye Colour Brush
For someone who wants to start using makeup i think this is such a nice eyeshadow brush as it helps pack on the colour on the eyelids and is nice on soft on the skin.

No7 Youthful – Eye Serum
This eye serum is such a good eye cream as it helped brighten my eyes instantly and you only need a little as it goes a long way.

No7 – Gel look Shine
This is such a good quality nail varnish and such a nice shade.

No7 Protect & Perfect – Day Cream
This day cream is gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling soft. It sinks into the skin instantly and isn’t greasy.

No7 Eyeshadow – Cappuccino
 This eyeshadow is a nice colour for an everyday wear, its subtle but gives your eyelids a nice shimmer.

No7 Eyeshadow – Good Earth
I love this shade as its so pretty on the eyelids and such a nice shade.

No7 – Blissful Body Wash
This body wash leaves your skin smelling nice and doesn’t fade as fast as other body washes.

No7 Beauty Skin – Radiance Exfoliator
 After the first use of this it left my skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

No7 High Shine – Lip balm ‘Daydreamer’
Perfect shade for an everyday lip colour

No7 High Shine – Lip Balm ‘Statement’
Also a perfect shade for an everyday lip colour

No7 Protect & Perfect – Night Cream
A nice gentle night cream which leaves the skin feeling soft.

Thank you for sticking with the receptive 25 days of the No7 advent calendar!

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 25

Nail varnish25


Day 25 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Stay Perfect – Dual Nail Colour

‘No7 Stay Perfect Dual Nail Colour is a special edition launch. The double ended nail product offers two great nail colours in one product and we’ve chose your favourite colours; Hot to Trot and Cheeky Chops!’

Today in the No7 advent calendar i got this ‘No7 Stay Perfect – Dual Nail Colour’ It came in the colours ‘Hot To Trot’ and Cheeky Chops’ These are such nice colours and names for nail polishes. Cheeky Chops will be great in the summer and Hot To Trot will be great in the winter/autumn season. What i like about this duo set is for £6.00 your getting two nail polish’s rather than spending £6.00 for just one. You can use these for nail art, you can use one on the nail and the other on the tip, or you can paint them all one colour and then paint one finger the other colour for the accent nail. The only bad thing about this nail duo are you need more than one coat as they are not very pigmented. On the plus side i really like these nail polishes and i think they are worth the money.

You can pick this up from boots for £6.00 here.

I hope you all had a great christmas and got everything you wanted

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 24



Day 24 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Protect and Perfect – Intense Day Cream

‘Smooth deep lines and wrinkles and help delay new ones with this protecting & renewing daytime formula. Created to answer to your skin’s needs now and help it have a more youthful future. It is the perfect partner to our No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, formulated to be used together to deliver even better results than the serum alone.’

Today i got the ‘No7 Intense Day Cream’ a few days ago i got the night cream and i loved the product as it was gentle on the skin and does the job of a night cream. So I’m happy that the day cream is also the same, it smells nice and isn’t too perfume smelling. It sinks into the skin fast and instantly makes you feel smooth. It does not leave the skin greasy and a little goes a long way. On the boots website this product is highly raved about which gives me high hopes its going to be an amazing product, i will use the day and night cream for a few weeks and tell you if it helped my skin.

On the site it tells you how to use this product:

1. Use every morning after cleansing, toning and applying No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum. Simply smooth into your face and neck with your fingertips, avoiding your eyes.

2. To give your skin an extra helping hand, use No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum and Night Cream just before bedtime

You can pick this up from boots for £23.00 here.

What are your favourite Day and Night creams?

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 23



Day 23 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Stay Perfect – Eyeliner (Brown)

‘No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil is a long wearing and silky smooth pencil for amazing colour and definition.’

Today in the advent calendar i got this brown ‘Stay Perfect – Pencil eyeliner’. A few day’s ago i got this but in black, i like these eyeliners as they as soft and come out dark, the brown one is such a nice colour and you could possibly use it on your brows as it’s a nice shade and you can use it lightly or press down harder to get a darker colour. For £6.50 i think you get such a good eyeliner that isn’t going to hurt when you apply it and its gentle on the skin, it also comes in different colours so you have a wide range to choose from. You can use this on your lash line, waterline or you can use them to tighten your eyes to make your lashes appear thicker and fuller. I’m happy with todays little gift and glad they give you one in black and one in brown as not everyone wears black.

You can pick this up from boots for £6.50 in brown here.

What eyeliner do you use? Gel, Liquid or pencil?

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 22



Day 22 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Gel – Look Shine

‘Our patented technology makes the polish tough and flexible to help prevent chipping and improve ease of application to help achieve a streak free finish. Complete coverage in just one stroke, with outstanding and durable gel look shine. Helps to smooth and plump nails so natural ridges can’t be seen, for best results use in combination with the top coat. Rich Colour, pay off in one coat. Plumps and volumises in 2 coats.’

Today in the No7 Advent Calendar i got this ‘Gel – Look Shine’ nail polish. It’s such a lovely colour and it’s a Gel nail varnish which i love as they turn out so shiny and pigmented. It’s in the colour ‘Deep Wine’ which is this lovely deep red colour which is perfect for the holiday season. With this nail varnish you only need to put one coat on as its so pigmented and because it’s a gel look you don’t really need to put a top coat on as it drys shiny. I’m happy with todays gift as the colour is lovely and it’s a good size so it will last a while, its a bit expensive at £7 but you are paying for a well pigmented gel nail varnish. The other No7 nail varnish i got a few days a go will look amazing on top of this, or even just on one nail. These two an varnish’s will look so christmasy together so I’m happy i got these two colours.

On the boot’s site it tells you how to use this nail varnish.

How to Use

1- Apply No7 Stay Perfect Base coat

2- Use a small amount of Polish and paint down the centre of the nail. You may need to paint down the sides of the nail too. The nail should be completely covered in 3 strokes.

3- Finish with Gel Shine Top Coat applied all over the nail to help the nail Polish last longer

4- Ta-dah!

You can pick this up from boots for £7.00 here.

Whats your favourite shade to wear at Christmas?

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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*Hi everyone, i know your probably wondering where is day 21? Well when i opened it yesterday there wasn’t anything in it, so I’ve contacted no7 and it’s getting sorted. I was a little annoyed and upset as it was a nice eyeliner i wanted to try, so fingers crossed i get it.*

Quick And Easy – Cross Stitch Christmas Tag’s

cross stitch

Hello Everyone!
Since it’s nearly christmas I’ve decided to do a quick and easy DIY. I got a little kit the other day to make these cute and different christmas tags. If you like cross stitching this will be easy if you don’t follow the simple steps to help create these christmas tags.


If you don’t have the little kit all you need are:

Some Aida
Red Thread
Some Cardboard Tags (you can either make these or buy them cheap and just stick the cross stitch over them)
Glue/ Sticky Tape


Step 1:

You want to choose your template you want to put on the gift tag.

Step 2:

Cut out the right size Aida for the gift tag

Step 3:

i started with the little V like shapes at the bottom. You want to count across to see if you have enough room and where to start.


Here’s the easiest diagram i could find to show you what you need to do. First you need to thread your red thread into the needle, make sure you tie a knot at the end. The tread will come in around 6 pieces, you need to spilt them into two and then thread the 2 pieces into the needle. Then on the aida you will see little squares, from the back you need to take the needle and go through A ( The top left side of the square) Then you take it through b (Bottom Right corner) Then from the back of the aida you need to take the needle through C (Bottom Left corner) then thread the needle into the D (Top Right corner)

I hope this helps, once you get the rhythm of it will be easier. If there are more than one crosses on the pattern you need to just do A – B until the line is done and then go back on them. ( I hope this is making sense)


(I’m sorry the pictures are a little blurry it was took at night without any good light)

Once you get the hang of it, it should start coming out like this on your aida, i would recommend starting off with the easiest one first to help you get the hang of cross stitching.

Once you’ve done your pattern you need to tie the thread up at the back and cut it so it can’t unravel.

PicMonkey hkh

Turn your cross stitch over and tape the loose thread up on the back. Then turn it back around and lay it on the gift tag, you then want to either glue it or stick it with sticky tape to hold the cross stitch in place. Then take any thread of your choosing and tie it through the hole in the gift tag, then you can stick this on to your presents.

I think these add such a nice touch to christmas presents and i like how simple and nice they look on presents.

I hope you like this DIY and please like and comment if you would like more of these blog post’s.

Thanks for Reading,
Katie xx

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 20



Day 20 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Protect & Perfect – Hand Cream

‘Visibly younger. This super hydrating, easily absorbed, protecting and renewing formula has been created to target the signs of ageing and help your hands have a more youthful future. It intensively conditions with day long moisturisation for softer and smoother skin and works to reveal younger looking hands in 4 weeks. Fine lines are visibly reduced, skin feels more supple with improved elasticity and looks more even.’

Today in the No7 Advent Calendar i got this ‘Day Hand Cream’ This is a perfect little gift as the weather is getting colder which means your hands get more dry. This is the perfect size to just put in your bag for when your out and about in the cold weather. This product is so soft on the skin and not greasy! Which is great as no one likes putting a greasy hand cream on their hands and waiting around for it to dry. This hand cream sinks into the skin fast and it doesn’t have a strong smell to it. You only need a small amount of this as it spreads well. I’m quite pleased with this hand cream as i normally use the ‘L’Occitane Hand Cream’ in mango flower, which is also an amazing product. I used this today before i went out and it made my hands feel soft and it instantly made my dry hands look a lot better! I will be using this over the winter period.

You can pick this up from boots for £10.50 here.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 19



Day 19 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Glitter Nail Effect

‘Whether you’re looking for a matte textured nail, or glittery top coats, No7’s new range of Nail Effects has the top coat for you!Glitter Ball and Sun Rays are multi sized glitters that can be used for creative nail looks, or layered up for a full on glitter effect.’

Today i got this Glitter nail polish, its in the colour ‘Glitter Ball’ which i find such a nice name for a nail polish. It looks like just a silver glitter nail polish but it has these little blue glitter in the bottle as well. Whats great about glitter nail polishes is that they go with just about any colour.  You can wear glitter on just the tip, all over the nail or just on one nail as the accent nail. This glitter effect nail polish also comes in the colour Sun Rays which is a gold nail polish. I read reviews on the site that this nail polish chips easily, i recommend putting a top coat on the top to hold the glitter in place. Overall i love this product and i only have a few glitter nail polishes and i love them all as they make your nails look so nice for special occasions or every day.

You can pick this up from boots for £7.00 here in the shade Glitter Ball

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 18



Day 18 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Stay Perfect – Eye Shadow

‘No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio delivers high impact colour. Blends effortlessly and lasts for hours.’

Today’s in the advent calendar i got another No7 eye shadow which i was happy about as i loved the last one i got! I got the lightest shade in cappuccino today and its this nice light shimmery colour. It goes so well with the other one i got which is the middle shade in Good Earth. These eye shadows are so blend-able and pigmented, you can easily build them up and use them alone or together to create nice smokey eyes etc. I’m happy i got these two shades in the advent calendar as they work so well together and you can create a nice eye look with them. I think for the price of these No7 trio’s you get a lot as you get 3 amazing shades that all work together or on their own and also they are so pigmented and easy to apply.

You can pick this up from boots for £9.50 here in the shade Cappuccino

It’s not long till Christmas! Are you excited?

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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