L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review

Review elvive oil

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil 

This product aims to;

1 Hair has a glowing shine

2 Feels intensely nourished

3 Flows with silky softness

4 Seems sumptuously smooth

5 Looks beautifully perfected

This product is amazing! My sister lent it to me last weekend as my hair was so dry and damaged at the ends and just horrible. I used two pumps after washing my hair and evenly put it throughout the ends of my hair, I then blow dried and wow let me just say my hair was soft and looked so much nicer! I didn’t think it was going to even make a difference but it even last’s till I next wash my hair! I’m so amazed at this product and how well its made my hair look and feel, my hair still snaps off at the ends but not as much as it did and you can hardly see my spilt ends!

I’ve never put anything into my hair especially things that have ‘oil’ in the name as I feel like it’s just going to make my hair greasy and weight it down, but this has made me think twice about those products now. It’s for coloured hair which is also as plus as I dye my hair a lot and it can get damaged by me constantly dying my hair. This product has done wonders to my hair and it will last ages as two pumps go a long way!

I rarely rave about products but i thought i needed to put my own review on this product as it’s actually a life saver for my dry ends and I’m so amazed at how well its made my hair look and feel after only one use! Big thanks to my sister for recommending it me as my hair is finally going back to its nice soft ends rather than frizzy breaking off ends!

You can pick this product up from boots for £8.49 or click here to look at the product online and the reviews.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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7 thoughts on “L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review

  1. I have heard many wonderful things about this product… But like you the word ‘oil’ puts me off… Does it leave the ends looking/feeling greasy?
    Natalie Xx


    • No, i thought it would make my hair greasy but i just put it through the ends then blow dry it half and let it dry half naturally and it doesn’t feel or look greasy it just makes your hair better! I love it xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried it, but it really made no difference for my dry hair, and my ends remaind just as tired as they were before, i guess it depends on what state your hair is in from the start. I prefer orifluido oil.


    • How much did you use? My hair was so dry and horrible at the ends after bleaching and dying it for years and its gone back to normal now, i guess it does depend on what the state your hair is in, have you tried argon oil? Thanks for reading x


      • I used a lot, and i dont have coloured hair at all…i tried some cheap version of argan oil and it didnt work:( my mum used the loreal oil and didnt like it either. but good to hear it works for somebody:)


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