No7 Advent Calendar – Day 9



Day 9 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Protect & Perfect – Night Creme

‘No7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream protects young skin to delay first signs of ageing, boost radiance & visibly improves fine lines.’

Today I got a night creme, I have the champneys night creme and I really like that so I’m hoping for good things for this night creme. I know it says ageing in the description but I’m looking past that and just using it as a creme. What I love about No7 products is that they do not smell too strong that have a light scent to them, they are also not heavy on the skin and sink into your skin fast so you don’t have to wait around for them to dry. I can’t really say much about this product as I’ve not had time to use it yet but I will keep you updated.

You can pick this up from boots for £23.00 here.

Thanks for reading,

Katie x

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