No7 Advent Calendar – Day 11



Day 11 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Beautiful Skin – Eye Make-Up Remover

‘This gentle dual action formula conditions while it cleanses, removing all traces of eye make-up even waterproof mascara. Fragrance free and suitable for sensitive eyes.’

Today’s little gift in the advent calendar was this eye make- up remover. It comes in this blue-bottle and the liquid is also blue which is a nice change. The product is quite oily which can be a bad thing for certain skin types, but it does the job removing make-up. Even though this product is quite oily it does sink into the skin fast and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara so taking it off at night can sometimes be a pain so this will be great for getting the bit’s that don’t normally come off with face wipes. The liquid in the bottle separates quite fast so you have to shake it before you use it to mix the liquids up.

You can pick this up from boots for £8.50 here.

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