Quick And Easy – Cross Stitch Christmas Tag’s

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Hello Everyone!
Since it’s nearly christmas I’ve decided to do a quick and easy DIY. I got a little kit the other day to make these cute and different christmas tags. If you like cross stitching this will be easy if you don’t follow the simple steps to help create these christmas tags.


If you don’t have the little kit all you need are:

Some Aida
Red Thread
Some Cardboard Tags (you can either make these or buy them cheap and just stick the cross stitch over them)
Glue/ Sticky Tape


Step 1:

You want to choose your template you want to put on the gift tag.

Step 2:

Cut out the right size Aida for the gift tag

Step 3:

i started with the little V like shapes at the bottom. You want to count across to see if you have enough room and where to start.


Here’s the easiest diagram i could find to show you what you need to do. First you need to thread your red thread into the needle, make sure you tie a knot at the end. The tread will come in around 6 pieces, you need to spilt them into two and then thread the 2 pieces into the needle. Then on the aida you will see little squares, from the back you need to take the needle and go through A ( The top left side of the square) Then you take it through b (Bottom Right corner) Then from the back of the aida you need to take the needle through C (Bottom Left corner) then thread the needle into the D (Top Right corner)

I hope this helps, once you get the rhythm of it will be easier. If there are more than one crosses on the pattern you need to just do A – B until the line is done and then go back on them. ( I hope this is making sense)


(I’m sorry the pictures are a little blurry it was took at night without any good light)

Once you get the hang of it, it should start coming out like this on your aida, i would recommend starting off with the easiest one first to help you get the hang of cross stitching.

Once you’ve done your pattern you need to tie the thread up at the back and cut it so it can’t unravel.

PicMonkey hkh

Turn your cross stitch over and tape the loose thread up on the back. Then turn it back around and lay it on the gift tag, you then want to either glue it or stick it with sticky tape to hold the cross stitch in place. Then take any thread of your choosing and tie it through the hole in the gift tag, then you can stick this on to your presents.

I think these add such a nice touch to christmas presents and i like how simple and nice they look on presents.

I hope you like this DIY and please like and comment if you would like more of these blog post’s.

Thanks for Reading,
Katie xx

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