VS Sassoon Salonist – Hair Dye Review


So over the DecemberĀ I decided to strip my hair to a light brown colour so that I could grow my hair out and let my natural hair colour grow back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know I dye my hair dark so going from black to a medium brown was such a pain but it was worth it as at the time I wanted to let my natural hair grow so I didn’t have the pain of dying it every month. Well… A few weeks ago I missed having dark hair and broke my new year resolution and shoved a dark brown dye on my hair!

I decided to try out a new brand i haven’t heard of or tried out before – VS Sassoon Salonist Hair Dye.

I got the 3/0 Darkest Neutral Brown and got two boxes, my hair is short but I’m always conscious I will miss some hair, so I like to buy two boxes of dye to make sure my whole head is covered!

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