VS Sassoon Salonist – Hair Dye Review


So over the December I decided to strip my hair to a light brown colour so that I could grow my hair out and let my natural hair colour grow back. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would know I dye my hair dark so going from black to a medium brown was such a pain but it was worth it as at the time I wanted to let my natural hair grow so I didn’t have the pain of dying it every month. Well… A few weeks ago I missed having dark hair and broke my new year resolution and shoved a dark brown dye on my hair!

I decided to try out a new brand i haven’t heard of or tried out before – VS Sassoon Salonist Hair Dye.

I got the 3/0 Darkest Neutral Brown and got two boxes, my hair is short but I’m always conscious I will miss some hair, so I like to buy two boxes of dye to make sure my whole head is covered!

This brand gives you the instructions they use at the salon to make sure you get the best results while dying your hair.
Also it comes with a little bowl and brush which I liked and you can wash and re-use again.

You also get VS Serum with this hair dye kit which you add to the mixture after applying to you roots, you don’t get this in other hair dye kits.


Using VS Sassoon Hair Dye

You mix bottles 1 and tube 1 into the tub provided, you mix both contents together until they are smooth and blended together.

I then brushed my hair to make sure I had no knots and then parted my hair in the way I wear it everyday, then you use 3/4 of the mix and apply it to your roots. After I applied it to my roots it says to massage the cream into your roots to make sure you get it all covered.

I then waited for 20 minutes for the dye to develop.

This is the part I found different to other hair dye kits I’ve used. You then apply sachet 2 to the remaining mixture and then apply it to the ends of your hair. In the instructions it says to smooth through lengths with hands but because I’m very conscious I will miss out hair I separated my hair and did it in sections.

I then left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed off with the conditioner in the box.

The conditioner smells nice and left my hair feeling soft and smooth. Also after drying my hair I noticed it had different shades in like I had highlights in my hair which looked nice. The colour was close to being black but in the sun light it had a beautiful brown tint to it.

A few washes later and the hair colour has started slowly becoming more lighter, I don’t mind this as it now matches the colour on the box but I’m hoping it does not fade anymore as I liked the dark hair with the brown tint to it.

I would also like to add after using this hair dye on my hair it didn’t dry it out or leave it in a worse condition it actually left it feeling and looking in a better condition!


The picture on the left is a few days after re washing my hair and the right photo is over a week after dying my hair.

All in all I enjoyed trying a new way of dying my hair and I really liked how my hair turned out and the colour of this hair dye. The downside is the price, it’s around £10 in boots which is a lot of money, but I feel its worth the money as the colours are true to the box unlike some brands which go 2 shades darker then the desired colour.

Have you tried this brand of hair dye?
What’s your favourite dark brown hair dye?

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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