Little Birthday Present Haul


It was my birthday back in February and a week after my birthday I went over to my dad’s house to spend my birthday with my dad and my sister. I didn’t expect any presents as my sister had bought me tickets to see my favourite singer for an early birthday present and also got me a ticket to meet her! While at my dads I went out of the living room to do something and when I came back my sister had put some presents under my blanket on the sofa. I was so shocked and happy and when I opened them and I realised they were all things I had sent her months ago that I liked but couldn’t afford to get.


I received this floral backpack which I absolutely adore and is great for all my uni things, if you haven’t noticed I’m a little obsessed with floral patterns so when I saw this on ASOS I fell in love with it and I’m so happy my sister bought it me.
I also got Tanya Burr’s book which I’m so excited to read as I love Tanya and think she’s such a sweet, honest and a down to earth person. I love reading Tanya’s blog and watching her videos on youtube. Me and my sister are also excited to make the food she has put in her book, the cookies and soup look amazing! (I may write a blog post on them)
I also got this little plastic mug from the Lowry, a little joke at my dad’s house is that I’m not allowed glasses as I seem to break a lot of them :’) so when I pick up a glass my dad tells me to get a plastic cup instead
I also got this cute little cat teddy that is so soft, It’s a Himalayan cat and are so adorable!
The last cup is my favourite gift as it was hand painted by my sister and she told me she painted it to look like my cat! I think this present is so thoughtful and it means a lot to me and I keep it on my bedside table as it’s too cute to be hidden away in the cup cupboard.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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