Lush Haul | April 2015

Lush haul title

Hello fellow beauty bloggers and readers,
So the other day i went to Lush with my sister and we treated our selves to some Lush goodies. I picked up two bubble bars, two bath bombs and a face mask.

I bought some presents and also things for myself as i’ve been a little stressed doing my uni work and Lush baths always make me feel better.

Lush haul 1

Cosmetic Warrior – Fresh Face Mask

‘A gentle and balancing fresh face mask with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. Fresh green grapes clean and cool the skin, whilst free range eggs tighten its texture and antimicrobial honey leaves it soft and moisturised. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.’

Me and my sister wanted a face mask that would help get rid of spots. Over the past few weeks my forehead has broke out in tiny spots and everything I tried didn’t help to reduce them. This face mask caught our eye and the lovely lady at Lush told us how good this was for spots and how soft it made your skin feel, she wasn’t wrong! After using it once I noticed a huge difference with the appearance of the spots on my forehead. It contains garlic which the lady said put people off but you can’t smell it and all the natural ingredients combined really help with spots. You keep this in the fridge and you get around 6 face masks out of it.

This face mask helps cool, soothe and reduce the appearance and also gets rid of spots and has helped calm my skin and works wonders to help get rid of spots. Also because all the ingredients are natural it isn’t irritating or damaging to the skin.

Cosemtic Warrior is £6.50 for a 75ml pot. You can pick it up in stores or find it here.

Lush Haul 2

The Comforter – Bubble Bar

‘Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note.’

This is hands down my favourite bath product from lush! It smells amazing and always leaves my skin feels so soft and nourished. I use 1/4 of the bubble bar in my bath and it turns my bath a lovely pink colour and also creates lots of bubbles! Every time I go to lush i always pick one of these up to use as a pick me up when stressed or tired.

The comforter is £4.75 and you can pick it up in store or find it here.

Big Blue – Bath Bomb

‘This calming bath bomb evokes a summer’s day at the seaside: perfect for drifting off. Big Blue’s key ingredient is a type of kelp called arame seaweed, which softens in your hot bath water. Arame is rich in vitamins and minerals including iodine, which helps to regulate the metabolism. Sea salt softens the skin, helping to remove dead skin cells, while lemon oil clears the mind and, like lavender oil, is antiseptic and cleansing.’

This bath bomb smells so nice and sent my bath a lovely turquoise colour. It has sea weed and sea salt in it, i love sea salt and use it a lot in my hair as it helps create volume and waves. I’ve never had any sea salt in bath products before and it was surprisingly nice, it was a nice exflotatior. The sea weed was a bit different, sea weed is used for softening and detoxifying. I didn’t really like it, when my leg touched it, it felt gooey and i didn’t really like to see it floating around the bath. Apart from the sea weed i really liked this bath bomb and bought two of them. It’s a nice calming bath bomb and i love the colour it turns your bath water.

Big Blue is £3.35 and you can pick it up in store or here.

Mother Superior – Bubble Bar

I picked this bubble bar up for my boyfriend for his birthday, I thought it looked like the character Finn from Adventure Time and thought he would enjoy it. It smells lovely and it turns your bath a lovely blue/ green colour, its also nourishing and leaves you feeling soft.

Mother Superior is £3.75 and you can pick it up in store. I couldn’t find it on the website but it is part of the Mothers Day collection.

I can’t wait to save up some money and try out more of their face masks,
I hoped you liked this little lush haul.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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16 thoughts on “Lush Haul | April 2015

  1. I will definitely be taking a look at the face mask next time I am in Lush! You are right, the idea of garlic in a mask is a little off-putting but it’s great that you can’t actually smell it! I love Lush 🙂 x

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  2. I’ve been looking at Lush face masks for months now, and haven’t been able to decide which one to try… Think you might have convinced me to try the Cosmetic Warrior now, so thanks! 🙂 XO

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  3. Hey there! I just wish to give you a big thumbs up for your excellent information you have right here
    on this post. I’ll be coming back to your blog for more soon.


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