Clinique Haul | My First Clinique Products 2015


Around two months ago I went to the Clinique in Boots,
I decided to try out some of their products as heard a lot of good things about their skin care range.


Clinique – Instant Lift for Brows

My first purchase was the ‘Instant Lift for Brows’. My eyebrows are very sparse and I wanted an eyebrow product that would help make them appear thicker and also add a little bit of definition to them.

The lovely lady at the Clinique counter did a free demonstration with the product for me and filled in my eyebrows and showed me how to apply the product and how to set the eyebrows in place. As I hardly ever touch my eyebrows I found this very helpful and she also helped choose out the right shade for me. I don’t use the highlighter on the other end of this product as I prefer the look without it.

What I love about this is that you can either use a lot of product to make your eyebrows thicker and darker or a little to just fill them in.

If you are looking for a good eyebrow product and you don’t like eyebrow powders I would highly recommend this product.

This product is £16 and you can find it here.


Clinique – 3 Step – Skin Type 3

‘It’s easy with the new 3-Step Skin Care Introductory Set. Just 3 minutes, morning and night, to see clear, smooth, radiant skin in about two weeks. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise. Dermatologist-developed to meet your skin’s needs and custom-fit by Skin Type. Works gently, each step enhancing the next.’

I went back and picked up the Clinique 3 Step skin care products, they come in a box with 3 small samples that last around 3 months or more. My sister has the one for spots and she said it improved the look of her skin and helped get rid of her blemishes. You can check out this product in the guest post my sister did on my blog here. As I rarely have break outs the lady recommended I try out the Skin Type 3 set as it helps improve the appearance of your skin.

I will be doing a more detailed blog post about this product so I am not going to go into much detail here.

This product is £20 and you can find it here.


Me and my sister also got a few tester products which are also the 3 step products so I now have the smaller bottles,  these are perfect for traveling!

Have you tried out any of Clinique’s products?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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