Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette & EcoTools Duo Eye Enhancing Set | Review


Revolution Eyeshadow Palette & EcoTools Eyeshadow Brushes

While out shopping for Fathers Day I found myself in Superdrug looking at the makeup (who can resist). I wanted a nice neutral eye shadow palette and some brushes as mine were looking a bit old and needed replacing fast. I came across the Makeup Revolution stand and was so surprised when I saw a number of eyeshadow palette which were only £4! Then I came across these EcoTools which were on offer for only £5 for 4 different brushes in a handy case which keeps them dirt free when in your makeup bag. I couldn’t resist buying these bargains and I have been using these for around 2/3 weeks now and these products haven’t failed me!



Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers
A perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. Totally collectable and a pure sellout’

I decided to pick up this palette as the colours are more neutral and everyday shades. You get 12 pigmented eyeshadows which all work and complement each other when your use them together on your eye lids. When I got home to try these out I was shocked at how pigmented these eyeshadows were, because I bought this palette for only £4 I will be honest and say I wasn’t expecting much from it. But as you can see in the photo this was just one swatch and the eyeshadows are pigmented and you can see how well they come up.


I used the 6th and 11th shade on my eyelids here and you can see how bright and shimmery they are. I wore these eyeshadows out for fathers day and they lasted all day out and every time I looked in the mirror they hadn’t really budged or come off.

If your looking for a good cheap alternate from the Naked palette or other high end eyeshadow palettes I highly recommend these as they have a wide range of eyeshadow colours and you they are all under £9 and you can’t go wrong with these!

This palette was £4 and you can find it in store at super drug or here.


EcoTools Duo Eye Enhancing Set

‘EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set, packaged in a reusable pouch & made of natural materials.
Eye Enhancing Duo Set brushes are made from soft, cruelty-free bristles, recycled aluminium ferrules and sleek bamboo handles’

What drew me to these brushes was that you got 4 brushes in two which is handy and also because they are cruelty free and also 80% recycled. These brushes are so soft and are the right size to put in your makeup bag and travel with as they are small and light. They also come in a pouch which helps protect the brushes and stop them getting dirty when in your bag. The design of these brushes are simple which make them stand out and look nice.

In this set you get;

Shade Brush  – Apply shadow to eyelid
Define Brush – Line and define eye
Blend Brush – Blend shadow
Smudge Brush – Smudge shadow and liner along lash line

I like how it comes with these pictures and description at the back of these brushes as if your like me and only ever use on brush to apply eyeshadow it’s nice to know what brush does what and how to use them. On the brushes it even tells you which brush is what to help applying your eyeshadow even more easy.

When using these to apply my eyeshadow it helps you pick up the right amount of eyeshadow so you can slowly layer it without picking up too much and having to blend or wipe of the excess shadow. They are also good at blending and defining your eyeshadow. Because these brushes are small it helps to get in the crease and corners of your eye.

These brushes also don’t shed which is great and are also clean well and go back to looking new when they are dry.

These brushes were on offer in super drug for £5 and you can find them in store or here.

Have you tried anything from these brands?

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