Sally Hansen – French Manicure Kit Opal | Review


Sally Hansen – French Manicure Kip Opal | Review 

After having acrylic nails for a few weeks I loved my nails with the french manicured look. After I took my acrylics off I wanted a nice french nail kit so that I could do it myself at home for a lot cheaper. After looking at different kits i decided to try out this one.

I picked up Sally Hansen’s french manicure kit as it’s quite high-end and good quality. I had a lot of high exceptions for this kit but I must say I’m a little disappointed with it. I also realised they were two colour kits when I got home and I had picked the one that looks less natural. I wanted to give my honest opinion while reviewing this product as I wasn’t 100% happy with it, so here’s my good and bad points about this product and my little review!


‘Sally Hansen French Manicure is a classic, versatile, elegant look that’s always right for both day and night!
Contains everything you need for a professional quality French manicure and pedicure at home, including self-adhesive manicure and pedicure guides, nail colours in irresdescent ‘Sheerly Opal’ and easy-to-follow instructions.’

This at home manicure kit comes with two nail varnish colours. The French White Nail Tip colour and a Sheerly Opal colour. It’s quick and easy to apply and you only have two steps to do to create your own at home manicure. The nail varnish dries quick and leaves no streaks or patchy nail polish.

Let’s get on with the good parts of this manicure kit:

These nail varnishes come in a large bottle which you can get a lot of home manicure out of.

It also comes with self-adhesives which help you get the perfect white tip which I was pleased with as it gives you the perfect line.

The nail varnish brush is a good size for applying the varnish to your nails and applying the White Tip nail varnish to your nail.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Only have two steps which are super easy and quick to do.

Nail varnish dries fast and no one likes waiting for their nails to dry!

The bad points of this at home manicure kit are:

The Sheerly Opal colour has a blue hint to it which does not make your manicure look natural and it makes the nail stand out a blue colour when in the sun or if a light hits it. It might not be noticeable to some people but I picked up on it straight away.

Without a good top coat I found the manicure would chip in around 3 days which was a pain if you don’t have the time to keep painting your nails. Also avoid washing your hair or pots after a day or so after applying these nail varnish as it chips the manicure even faster. It might be a good idea to invest in a good top coat before purchasing this manicure kit.


How to get the perfect french manicure.

2 easy steps to a salon-perfect French Manicure & Pedicure!

1) Brush Natural White polish on nail tip – above painting guide. Allow to dry throroughly, then gently lift guide away from nail

2) Brush entire nail with sheer colour

I also have the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail varnish which has helped my nails improve a lot after having acrylic nails. So I’m not saying these products are not good I just think this french manicure set isn’t for me.

I picked this up from super drug when it was on offer for around £4. But you can find it in stores for under £6 or online here.

What are your favourite at home manicure kits?

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Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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