Luxemme | Soraya Crop Scallop Two Piece

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Hello fellow Beauty Bloggers and Readers,

I came across this clothing brand the other day called Luxemme, It combines Persian chic with Manchester street style. The clothing on their site are classy and chic and can be worn for any type of occasions. You can dress these clothes up or down.

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Soraya Crop Scallop Two Piece

I picked out this Nude two piece as I love two pieces and the scalloped cut on skirts and shorts. I also knew I was going to get a lot of wear out of these pieces of clothing as it has a skirt that will go with just about anything and a cute crop top that will look amazing with black high-waisted jeans.

I paired my two piece with black tights and a small grey bag, It also looks lovely with a black blazer!

You can find this Two Piece here.

This two piece cost £35, which I think is amazing for the quality of the material and how much wear I will get out of it.

Ordering & Delivery

I ordered this product and got an email the same day saying it had been dispatched and it was delivered to me 2 days after ordering! That is the quickest I have had a product or clothing delivered to me as sometimes it can take up to a week! I was so impressed with the delivery and it also came beautifully wrapped in tissue paper. I also had my name written on the envelope which I thought was a nice touch, the envelope contained my order details and how to return the clothing ect.


I was also happy that they didn’t wrap everything up in those plastic bags as it can be a pain to get rid of and makes a mess while unpacking your clothes.

The quality of these clothes are amazing and I was impressed with the quality of material of my new two piece.  I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of it and it is going to last me a long time.

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Their site is easy to use and you can find whatever you need in just few clicks, I like how their site isn’t cluttered or messy as I don’t like being on an unorganised site while I do some online shopping.

Overall I am very pleased and happy with this online shop and their customer service and delivery!

My sister also tried this on and it also fits her well and looks amazing on her!

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Who Are Luxemme?

‘A forward thinking fashion brand combining Parisian chic with Manchester street style. Cool, clean cut and completely on trend, Luxemme sources the finest in affordable luxury fashion that fuses classic fashion trends with emerging en vogue, edgy looks.

Made in Manchester for the fashion conscious who like to fill their wardrobes with chic staple pieces for a sophisticated look, Luxemme is a brand that aims to be a pioneer in the fashion industry, delivering premium clothing with a realistic price tag.’

You can find this outfit I chose out and many more affordable clothes at

You lucky readers can also get 10% clothing from this website! All you have to do is pick your favourite piece of clothing and use the code ‘katie-321991’ 


You can also find this gorgeous floral print two piece on their site!
This seasons floral print that gives that luxury bohemian goddess look. Go to Luxemme and shop the Limited Edition range now!

What are your favourite item of clothing from this shop?

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Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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