Ombre At Home | September 2015


Ombre At Home

So I know the ‘Ombre’ Hair trend isn’t as huge as it was, but I personally still love the hair style and so does my sister.

My sister has had ombre hair for a while now and her hair was down to her hips, she recently got it cut to just below her shoulders and only an inch was showing of her ombre. So she asked me to re-do it for her and I took the opportunity to also blog about it incase you want to do this to your hair without forking out to have it do in a hairdressers.

Ombre is such an easy thing to do.

Here is my tips on how to Ombre your hair at home!


Before You Begin

Please note that your hair will dye better if its ‘Virgin hair’ meaning you haven’t dyed it before.
If you have dyed your hair it might take a little longer and another application before it turns out perfect.
Make sure you test the bleach on your skin 48 hours before you use it to make sure you are not allergic to it.

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