Ombre At Home | September 2015


Ombre At Home

So I know the ‘Ombre’ Hair trend isn’t as huge as it was, but I personally still love the hair style and so does my sister.

My sister has had ombre hair for a while now and her hair was down to her hips, she recently got it cut to just below her shoulders and only an inch was showing of her ombre. So she asked me to re-do it for her and I took the opportunity to also blog about it incase you want to do this to your hair without forking out to have it do in a hairdressers.

Ombre is such an easy thing to do.

Here is my tips on how to Ombre your hair at home!


Before You Begin

Please note that your hair will dye better if its ‘Virgin hair’ meaning you haven’t dyed it before.
If you have dyed your hair it might take a little longer and another application before it turns out perfect.
Make sure you test the bleach on your skin 48 hours before you use it to make sure you are not allergic to it.

What’s In The Box


In the box you get;

Lightening cream
Developer cream
Lightening powder

Step By Step;

First you want to brush through your hair to make sure it is tangle free!

Then you want to work out where you want the ombre to start.

Spilt your hair up into sections, chose how many sections you want based on the thickness of your hair and how long it is.

After you’ve brushed through your hair and sectioned it you then want to mix the dye.

Read the instructions and follow the step by step on mixing the product together.


Let’s Get On With The Ombre

First start by dying half your hair from the ends you want to do this so then you can dye the remainder of your hair in around 10 minutes so then you get this nice blend and your Ombre looks even nicer.

So start dying half the hair and make sure you saturate the hair so every strand is covered, then remove the sections and continue with the rest of the hair.

Wrap your hair in tinfoil and then wait 5-10 minutes, by now your hair should be going lighter.

When it’s gotten lighter take the hair our of the tinfoil and spilt your hair up and start dying the rest of your hair, make sure it is up to where you want the Ombre to start.

Make sure when you apply the dye and you put your hair at the back it doesn’t look like a harsh line where your natural hair meets the Ombre.

Brush through and make sure its all covered and it your happy with how it looks, then wrap it in tin foil and wait for the time it says on your Ombre box, I wait around 30-45 minutes.

Make sure you keep checking your hair until it gets to the colour you want. Remember your hair is will be a shade or two darker once washed and dried.

When your hair is the shade you want it, rinse the dye out with the conditioner provided and put a hair oil on your hair and dry it.

If your hair turns out the shade you wanted it then leave it and enjoy your Ombre hair! If not leave your hair for 1 week and put another dye on but for half the time.


After Care

After bleaching your hair you want to make sure you look after it well!

Use a good hair mask once a week and after washing your hair use a hair oil to help make the hair look and feel better as bleaching your hair damages it quite a bit.

You can buy this hair dye kit in most shops and it is usually on offer.

My Sister’s favourite is the L’Oreal Reference Wild Ombre Intense No104

My favourite is the Garnier Nutrisse Truly Blonde Creme Pre-Lightner 

I hope this was helpful!

Feel free to share you hair care products in the comments below!
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Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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