H&M Beauty | First Impressions & Review

H&M Beauty | First Impressions & Review


If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE fan of H&M and whenever I buy clothes 90% are from this shop.
So when I found out they had brought out a Beauty range I grabbed my laptop and made an order.

If I’m honest I am quite surprised with the range of beauty items they have brought out. I was expecting just some nail polish and lipsticks but they literally have EVERYTHING you will need for a full face of make up, pamper items and shower/bath essentials. They also have make-up brushes, perfume and make-up bags!
What more could you ask for.

On the site they even have little videos to show you how to apply the makeup and what makeup looks you can create. I liked this as if your new to make-up or not as confident wearing/applying it, it helps you step by step on how to apply it and a few tips and tricks.


I didn’t buy a lot as my nearest store is in Liverpool which is a long train ride away and I didn’t have the time to go and test them out. So I bought some bits on the online site I knew I would like.

I have had this package for a week now and wanted to make sure I tested these products out before putting up this review so it was 100% honest.


Nail Polish | Russet Spice

I love the packaging of the Nail polishes and the colour range! There are so colours and shades to choose from, I ended up getting this Coppery Orange colour as we are getting closer to winter and I thought it would be a nice winter colour.

The colour is so pigmented and looks lovely in every light! It has a slight glittery shimmer to it which makes it look even nicer in the sun.

It stayed on my nails for around 6 days before chipping and that was without a top coat! I was impressed.

The only thing I don’t like about this Nail Polish is the brush. The brush is quite big and the brush bristles aren’t all together. But I can’t really complain as it’s cheaper than a lot of nail polishes.

The Nail Polishes range from £3.99 – £4.99

Nail Polish – Russet Spice

Nail Polishes


Eyebrow Kit | Caramel

I’ve been looking for a powder eyebrow kit for a while now but haven’t found one I really liked. I purchased a shade lighter by accident but it still blends in with my eyebrows and looks a lot more natural.

This kit is compact and easy to carry around with you, It also comes with two eyebrow colours (A light one and a darker one) and a wax to set your brows into place. The powder isn’t very pigmented but blends into your brows naturally.

The only downside to this Eyebrow kit is it does not come with a brush to apply the powder with. Luckily I have eyebrow brushes, But if you don’t just make sure when you buy this product you also buy an eyebrow brush.

This kit costs £5.99

Eyebrow Kit  – Caramel

Other Eyebrow Products 



Lipstick Pencil |  Bonne Vivante

I have been wearing a lot more lipsticks lately so I had a look at the ones H&M did and two caught my eye.

This first was this Lipstick Pencil in the shade Bonne Vivante which is this beautiful your lips but nicer colour! It looks great with pale skin and it also is a perfect shade for day and night!

This Lipstick is defiantly not a pencil it is more of a pigmented chubby stick, it’s very moisturising and pigmented.

I’ve been wearing this for the past few days and its very moisturising on the lips, it’s also very pigmented so you can either build it up or down.

If you are eating and drinking it can rub off your lips quite fast but if you’re not it stays on your lips for a long time without you having to re apply it constantly throughout the day.

The only thing I didn’t like about this product and I would change is that once you’ve used all the lipstick pencil up you can’t twist the bottom to get more. So you only have a certain amount of lip pencil to use before you need to go and repurchase it again.

I was so pleased with this Lipstick Pencil I’m defiantly going to repurchase it and try out their other shades!

This Lipstick Pencil is £4.99

Lipstick Pencil – Bonne Vivante

Other Lip Products and Shades



Cream Lipstick – Pomegranate

This is the other lipstick that caught my eye and I had to buy. It is this lovely Orange/Red colour.

It’s the perfect shade that will go amazing with black winged liner! It’s very moistening and also very pigmented. It stays on your lips for hours without fading and you don’t need to keep getting it out of your bag to reapply it.

The packaging is beautiful and I love the colour of it, the gold stands out and gives it more of a expensive look.
It is a bit expensive this lipstick but I personally think it is worth the price.

This Lipstick is £7.99

Cream Lipstick – Pomegranate 

Other Lipstick Shades


Eau De Toilette | Caribbean Crush

This body spray isn’t very strong but it is a perfect every day scent. It’s a light fragrance so it isn’t overpowering, I find it perfect for every day use.

When you apply this you don’t smell like you’ve just had a bath in a strong scented perfume, the scent is subtle and throughout the day you get a smell of the perfume and its such a nice smell.

The bottle is also a great size to put in your bag so you can carry it around with you. The packaging is also lovely, it’s plain but eye-catching and I have had a few people asking me what scent I am wearing. I will be defiantly trying out the other scents H&M have.

If I’m honest it isn’t going to smell like high-end body sprays but if your like me and are not into branded sprays or perfumes you will like this scent.

I think for the size of the bottle the body spray is affordable and not too expensive.

This Body Spray is £6.99

Eau De Toilette | Caribbean Crush

H&M Other Fragrances 


The packaging is beautiful! It’s so simple that it makes it stand out more and also makes it look more expensive than it is.
The lipstick packaging is gorgeous!
I love the simple black and white packing with the gold ‘H&M’ logo.


The price for me is ‘Drugstore’ but I find the products a lot nicer then some Drugstore/Cheaper makeup products. The price for H&M new Beauty Range is affordable and the quality is amazing and worth the money.

I think if you are passing a H&M store, It is defiantly worth it to go in and have a look at their new range and you might find some products you love.

Have you tried H&M New Beauty Range?
What ar your favourite items?

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Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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15 thoughts on “H&M Beauty | First Impressions & Review

    • Thank you! The lipstick shades are lovely and theres a lot more I want to try out! I would of thought h&m would ship to the us, that’s a little disappointing. Hopefully they will bring it over there so you can enjoy these beauty products 🙂 x

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  1. Hey 🙂

    I never knew H&M did beauty products… :O I feel a little embarrassed now…
    However, I love the look of that lipstick – seems quite pigmented! 😀
    The price is great, too. 🙂

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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