Silver Flowers Jewellery | Review


Silver Flowers Necklace

‘A husband & wife team offering unique accessories, jewellery & gift items for either yourself or your loved ones!’

I found this shop when I went into Manchester to look around the German markets. This shop caught my eye as they had so many pretty necklaces and earrings on show! I find this type of jewellery so unique and pretty because I love flowers and they look so dainty in the necklaces.

Our jewellery collections capture still life by using real flowers, beautifully combined with hand crafted Sterling Silver (925) to produce unique designs, including classic, contemporary and Art Nouveau styles.’


The flowers have been cleverly cultivated by our specialist gardeners, briefly dried and set in resin to preserve each beautiful flower. Sue to the craftwork involved all our jewellery is individually unique. Each item is stylishly gift boxed making the perfect present and one to always be cherished  Pendents include 18″ Sterling Silver chain.’


Teardrop Mixed Necklace 

I really liked this teardrop necklace as it looks so dainty and cute with the tiny flowers inside. It also looks nice on and goes with almost any outfit. I’ve also had people ask where my necklace is from as it is a unique and a one off necklace.
Because they are individually made, no two necklaces will be the same so you have your own unique necklace which I find amazing!

They have a wide range of different beautiful flowers in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cuff links.

I got this for £15. You can find it here.


I think these are such a great unique gift idea as they are not something you would buy for yourself.

The quality of this necklace is amazing, the chain is strong and not too delicate. The chain does not tangle easy as some chains ive had have been so dainty they have tangled easily and it has become hard for me too untangle them. The flowers are secure and do not feel like they are going to become loose or break.

Flowers They Include:

Flower Collections
Rose Buds, Forget-Me-Nots, Poppies, Pansies, Daisies & an array of stunning mixed flowers.
Rose Buds
The ancient Greeks & Romans identified the Rose flower with the Goddess of Love, symbolising love & beauty. The rose is the national flower of England.
A beautiful and modest flower symbolising love, faithfulness & remembrance.
The Poppy, a symbolic flower associated in Greek mythology with the God of Dreams: Representing peace, rest, enlightenment and remembrance.
Pansy Flowers
This flower symbolises poetic thought, humility, emotion and thoughtfulness.
The daisy represents love, innocent and gentleness.

The price is affordable and they are such beautiful pieces of jewellery.

You can find their site at

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Elegant Touch Matte Nails – Michelle Indigo | Review


Elegant Touch Matte Nails – Michelle Indigo
‘Inspired by the latest runway trends, these gorgeous nails will stay dramatic & strong the entire wear, with a long-lasting, smudge-free and chip-free finish.’

I love painting my nails but they can easily chip or my nails break as they are quite thin. So over the past few months I have been getting my nails done. But since it’s around christmas time and I am a student, I’m on a very tight budget which means I can’t treat myself to getting my nails done.

For a cheaper alternative I deiced to try out the Elegant Touch nails.There was an offer in Boots when I picked these up. It was a 3 for 2 on a whole range of products. I only deiced to pick up one box of nails because I have never used them before and I didn’t know what they would be like. But now I wish I would have gotten more!

I picked up the Michelle nails because I liked the indigo matt shade and the oval shaped nails.


This is the first time I have applied false nails and to begin with, It was quite hard to do but once I did one hand I got the hang of it. This may sound stupid but applying false nails to yourself is quite hard as I managed to nearly glue my finger to my nail once or twice!


For £6.95 you get instructions, a nail file, glue and lots of nails!

You can find these Michelle nails here.
Boots also stock a whole range of Elegant Touch nails in different colours and nail styles.

How To Apply

I made sure before I started to apply the nails that I had removed any nail varnish from my nails.
I then found the right size nail for each nail on both hands.
I laid the nails out in front of me so It was easy for me to grab them and match them too the right nail.
I started with my pinky finger and applied glue to my nail, then pressed down for 40 seconds.
I then repeated this step on all my nails.

PicMonkey Collage

What I liked about these nails:

  • How thin they are because they stick to your nails better and don’t let any dirt go in between your nails and the false nail.
  • The colour is gorgeous and the shape is natural looking.
  • The affordable price of these nails.
  • They last a few weeks if you look after them

What I disliked about these nails:

  • Because they are quite thin, you have to be careful not to accidentally bend them.
  • Some of the nails are a little bit big for me as I only have small hands/nails so these don’t get used.

Overall I am so pleased and happy with how these nails turned out and how long they have lasted! I’m glad you get a lot of glue and some spare nails too. I will be stocking up on these nails as they are so affordable and last a long time and they look so natural and gorgeous!

What is your favourite style/colour elegant touch nails?

Thanks for reading,
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