Things are changing for the better. 

Since going full time at work to save for a car and other things I have become more and more unmotivated to do the things I love.

For example as many of you who read my blog posts when I upload them (thank you) I haven’t posted a blog post in months! This is because I have been so unmotivated to even turn my mac on or even take any photos. I have a huge pile of things I have bought to blog about but have been so put off the thought of blogging as I felt like I’ve hit a wall and that it was going nowhere.

So the other month I put up a new post and I had a few lovely comments it cheered me up so much and it made me disappointed that I let those thoughts put me off blogging.

I asked my dad if we could go Ikea so I could find a new desk for my room as I don’t like going on my laptop in bed as I think of my bed as a sleeping space not a working space so nothing ever gets done.

So we took a little trip to our local Ikea and I found a perfect simple desk!


I’m hoping this is going to kick start my blogging motivation and I can get back to doing what I love most! Thank you to still being subscribed to my blog and liking and commenting on my post as it means so much to me!

I will be doing one blog post a week and hopefully I will start doing more little videos for my blog and will see where this takes me. If you would like to see a little blog post on the desk and how much it was leave me a like on this post.

As the readers who have been following me for a long time know how much I love blogging and how much it means to me so I’m glad I haven’t given up on and I’m glad I’m starting back up again.

Please comment on what blog posts you would like me to do or even any ideas as they are all welcome when I run into a wall.

Thank you for those who still read my blog and take time to like and leave lovely comments.

2018 will be the year I get my blog back up and running!

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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3 thoughts on “Things are changing for the better. 

  1. You shouldn’t let life stop you from doing something you enjoy, you’re great at blogging! Life contains a plethora of obstacles and problems that you need to overcome, using this blog as an outlet is a good way to express yourself when life gets tough. Great work kate. ‘Bear’


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