Garnier | Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask – Review


Garnier | Sheet Mask Review

These are my favorite sheet masks as they are super hydrating on the skin, they leave you feeling refreshed and do not irritate your skin or leave it red like some sheet masks can do. Personally I prefer sheet masks over any other type of face mask as they are less messy, more hydrating and nicer on the skin.

For Secret Santa at work I was so happy with my gift as the person put these sheet masks in and I haven’t tried two of them, so I am excited to use them when I have my pamper days. I find these perfect to use when your either having a hot bath or if your having a relaxed evening.


Garnier | Moisture Bomb – Super Hydrating + Anti- Fatigue 

A new generation of tissue mask inspired from Asia that acts like a burst of hydration for your skin. A true innovation, the tissue mask is infused with an intense de-tiring formula enriched with lavender essential oil and hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydrating active capable of retaining 1000x its weight in water. Once applied on the face, it diffuses its de-tiring and hydrating benefits onto the skin. Its gentle fragrance relaxes the senses for a moment of pleasure and well-being. Ideal for use in the evening.
Easy to apply and remove, the mask leaves you free to move around. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Yes, if your skin appears tired and you’re looking for an efficient solution to rehydrate and reduce the appearance of the signs of fatigue, such as rough and dull looking skin.



I already love these tissue masks from previously using them. But i have not tried this one before so i was happy to receive it.

It smells nice, easy to apply to the skin. I normally use these when I have a bath so that I can put the mask in the water for a couple minutes before I apply it to my face. This just makes it nicer to put on as I don’t like it when its cold but I know people prefer to put cold face masks onto their skin.

I left this on for around 15 minutes and then used my new Lacura Facial Brush with the massager head, this just really soothes and massages the product into your skin while giving you a nice gentle massage on your face. Then I peel the mask off and rub the reminder product into my skin.


Garnier | Ultra Lift – Anti Age + Firming 

Is this mask right for me? Yes, if over time the signs of ageing (dullness, lack of firmness) are showing on your skin and you are looking for a effective solution that: firms the feel of skin, smoothes the look of skin and boosts skin radiance.

How is it different? Our new generation of tissue mask inspired by Asia is infused with Grape Seed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid and leaves the skin feeling firmer and smoother. Unmask skin that feels bouncier and looks more radiant skin in just 15 minutes. It’s amazing freshness comforts skin instantly, for a moment of absolute pampering. The mask is easy to apply and remove. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

How To Use

1. Unfold the mask. Gently apply on a clean face with the blue protective film visible on the outside of your face.
2. Remove the blue protective film. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face.
3. Leave it on for 15 minutes and relax. Remove the mask. Massage gently to allow excess formula to be absorbed, or use a cotton pad to remove.




My review for this one is similar to the other face mask. It is also super hydrating but with the anti-age benefits. It also leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and looking brighter! I do highly recommend these and theres quite a few different tissue masks from Garnier that you can choose from. They all have their unique benefits and that cater to different skin types and skincare needs.


I love these tissue masks and can not rate them enough! They can be a little pricey but make sure you look out for them on offer and buy them then. They are super hydrating and soothing on the skin and are perfect for the end of the week as it just helps add that moisture back into your skin after a week of wearing makeup for work.

I really rate these tissue masks and I think they are perfect for a pamper day. They are so much easier to take off then other facemasks and are less messy.

You can find the Super Hydrating mask in most shops or online at boots here.

You can find the Anti-Age mask in most shops or online at boots here.

These both are currently on offer for £2.99 saving £1.00 and are on their 3 for 2.


Have you tried any of these Garnier Skin Active Tissue Masks? Or any other of their skincare products?

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