Declutter Your Bedroom

decluttering your bedroom

It’s 2015 and it’s time to declutter your bedroom. It’s just been Christmas so that means you have new products to replace the old ones, so out with the old and in with the new. Less is more and a tidy bedroom is nicer then a messy unclean bedroom, it’s time to finally throw those old clothes away and empty that box of nick nacks your holding onto incase you might need them one day.

The first thing you should do is create 3 piles/boxes on the floor. These 3 piles will be BIN/CHARITY/KEEP.
If you haven’t used it for a while and you don’t need it, bin it. If something is still usable like a book and you don’t want to keep it put it in the charity pile. Things you want to keep should be put in the keep pile, you will put all this back later.


Start with your wardobe and work your way across your room. Grab all your clothes and put them on your bed, go through them and throw out what you haven’t worn in a while.There’s no point keeping that skirt for the ‘right moment’ because that time isn’t going to come and that skirt you’ve been holding onto is just collecting dust. It’s time to give it away to a friend or to charity because someone else is going to wear it more then you.

After you’ve sorted what you want to keep and what you want to give away, start putting all your clothes back into your wardrobe – I organise them from coats to dresses.

Beauty Items

I have a bad habit of keeping a number of beauty items like hair spray (which are half used) in a draw thinking I will get round to using them soon and I never will. It’s time to throw those beauty products away with one pump left that you are never going to use. These just waste space in your draws.

Nail polishes can go a bit yucky after a while and if you can’t restore them back with nail varnish remover ( You add a couple drops of nail varnish remover to the nail varnish and shake it this should help the nail varnish become less clumpy back to it’s original self) then it’s time to throw them out and make way for new ones.

Under The Bed

Under my bed I have boxes of crap, like I hold onto things I think I’m going to need and I don’t. So if I haven’t used something in the past 4 months throw it away or give it away. Then neatly put the things your keeping in storage boxes and put them under the bed.


In my underwear draw I have so many odd socks I hold onto thinking I will find the other pair soon when that sock is long gone! It’s time to throw those odd socks out and buy some new ones. It’s the same with pjs and lounge wear, throw your tatty old pjs away and make space for new ones.


Books that you’ve bought and you won’t read again or didn’t live up to your expectations it’s time to give to charity, someone else is going to enjoy it more than you. I love nothing more than going to a charity shop and a stack of books and reading them and then after I’ve read them taking them back to the charity shop so someone else can enjoy them. I like to store the books i love most on my bed side table and the rest in a box on my wardobe.

Storage Boxes

One way of keeping things you want without leaving them out in your room is storage boxes, you can find nice storage boxes for cheap in most shops i get most of mine from Matalan & Homesense. I have a set of three on my wardrobe that I keep DVD’s and books in and they hide them away while looking nice and tidy.

Selling items or giving them away

You can also sell your unused or unwanted items online to get some money for things your actually going to use. You can also give your old things to charity or take them to your local hospital or doctors to be used in the waiting rooms or if you have any old toys you can give these to them as well as children can play with them while at the hospital.

These are just a few ways you can declutter your bedroom and make space for the things you want. Remember less is more and a clean tidy room helps declutter your mind.

Leave your own decluttering tips below.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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Bedroom Decor


I’ve currently just redecorated my bedroom. I painted my whole room in the paint Teal Touch by Dulex, it looks like a dark paint but when the sun shines on it it looks so bright and at night it isn’t too dark and looks an amazing colour. I needed a change in my life so I thought redecorating my room and buying new furniture would help this. As I live at uni I hardly stay in my room at my mums so when I come home I like it to be cosy and homely so I can relax while away from uni work.


I can’t find it on B&Q but i found this one similar on homebase, its for the bathroom but its the exact colour as the one i used to paint my bedroom.
You can find it here.

My bedding is reversible on one side is florals on the other is patchwork. I bought this from morrisons.


I got my bedside tables on offer for £40 which I thought was a bargain for 2 and they are so nice and look amazing at the side of my bed. On one I put my iPod Dock and a black candle holder with birds on. I bought this from matalan around Christmas. I keep my 3 favourite books on the shelf of this bedside table.


 On the other bedside table I have my touch lamp my mum bought me from Argos and a black clock with birds on also from matalan. I also keep my Vouge magazines and a floral tin my mum got me for Christmas on the shelf beneath the draw.


Above my bed i have this beautiful canvas. I bought this in the sale from matalan.


I’ve been looking for a bed frame like this for years and finally found it in Tesco

(The canvas looks very wonky here and it’s annoying me, i will straighten it when i next get home! ahah )

At the end of my bed i have a box i use to store thing in. I use my primary throw and i like to keep the books I’m reading on it.


*I had to redo this post as my pictures got deleted so i added some recent photo’s of my bedroom and i will do a bigger bedroom decor post when I’m next home for you.*

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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How I Decorated My Uni Room


When you move away from home and into your uni accommodation or student house, you want to try and decorate your room like your bedroom at home so you don’t get home sick and it feels like home. Here’s some bits from my uni room and how i decorated it to feel like my room at home.


I use this pink tin i bought from Tesco for putting some stationary in. I also have patterned notepads and my small day planner from paper chase on my desk shelf.

The floral tins are from Tesco


Nail polish stand is from Urban Outfitters


The Cat pillow is from Next & The floral throw is from Primark


This tin i found in a charity shop


My Bedding is from Matalan


IPad Case is from Amazon & The notepad is from Waterstones


My mum got me this door stop and i find it so cute and different


This is a wardrobe door mirror but i like to put it on top of those two boxes. I got these cheap from B&M


My Laundry Basket is from Primark


This Tin is from Homesense & the basket B&M


My Throw is from Next

The tin i store my pens is from Matalan

These are currently the books I’m reading & the notepad is from Paperchase. The jar is from Matalan and i like to store my Esos lip balms in it.


My baskets are from B&M


This tin is also from home sense and came with this cute floral towel.


I love cats and flowers so i had to buy this from Paperchase!


Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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