Sally Hansen – French Manicure Kit Opal | Review


Sally Hansen – French Manicure Kip Opal | Review 

After having acrylic nails for a few weeks I loved my nails with the french manicured look. After I took my acrylics off I wanted a nice french nail kit so that I could do it myself at home for a lot cheaper. After looking at different kits i decided to try out this one.

I picked up Sally Hansen’s french manicure kit as it’s quite high-end and good quality. I had a lot of high exceptions for this kit but I must say I’m a little disappointed with it. I also realised they were two colour kits when I got home and I had picked the one that looks less natural. I wanted to give my honest opinion while reviewing this product as I wasn’t 100% happy with it, so here’s my good and bad points about this product and my little review!


‘Sally Hansen French Manicure is a classic, versatile, elegant look that’s always right for both day and night!
Contains everything you need for a professional quality French manicure and pedicure at home, including self-adhesive manicure and pedicure guides, nail colours in irresdescent ‘Sheerly Opal’ and easy-to-follow instructions.’

This at home manicure kit comes with two nail varnish colours. The French White Nail Tip colour and a Sheerly Opal colour. It’s quick and easy to apply and you only have two steps to do to create your own at home manicure. The nail varnish dries quick and leaves no streaks or patchy nail polish.

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No7 Advent Calendar – Day 22



Day 22 of the No7 advent calendar

No7 Gel – Look Shine

‘Our patented technology makes the polish tough and flexible to help prevent chipping and improve ease of application to help achieve a streak free finish. Complete coverage in just one stroke, with outstanding and durable gel look shine. Helps to smooth and plump nails so natural ridges can’t be seen, for best results use in combination with the top coat. Rich Colour, pay off in one coat. Plumps and volumises in 2 coats.’

Today in the No7 Advent Calendar i got this ‘Gel – Look Shine’ nail polish. It’s such a lovely colour and it’s a Gel nail varnish which i love as they turn out so shiny and pigmented. It’s in the colour ‘Deep Wine’ which is this lovely deep red colour which is perfect for the holiday season. With this nail varnish you only need to put one coat on as its so pigmented and because it’s a gel look you don’t really need to put a top coat on as it drys shiny. I’m happy with todays gift as the colour is lovely and it’s a good size so it will last a while, its a bit expensive at £7 but you are paying for a well pigmented gel nail varnish. The other No7 nail varnish i got a few days a go will look amazing on top of this, or even just on one nail. These two an varnish’s will look so christmasy together so I’m happy i got these two colours.

On the boot’s site it tells you how to use this nail varnish.

How to Use

1- Apply No7 Stay Perfect Base coat

2- Use a small amount of Polish and paint down the centre of the nail. You may need to paint down the sides of the nail too. The nail should be completely covered in 3 strokes.

3- Finish with Gel Shine Top Coat applied all over the nail to help the nail Polish last longer

4- Ta-dah!

You can pick this up from boots for £7.00 here.

Whats your favourite shade to wear at Christmas?

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*Hi everyone, i know your probably wondering where is day 21? Well when i opened it yesterday there wasn’t anything in it, so I’ve contacted no7 and it’s getting sorted. I was a little annoyed and upset as it was a nice eyeliner i wanted to try, so fingers crossed i get it.*