Every post I post on this blog is written in my own words, it contains my own honest opinions about the product or clothing that is mentioned. Nearly all my blog posts are my own content and I enjoy creating and writing my own blog posts.
The majority of items that are featured in my blog posts I have bought myself, with my own money or I have been given them as a present from my friends or family.
 I will never accept a PR sample if I didn’t genuinely like it or wouldn’t buy it with my own money. If i like something, I will happily blog about it, If I don’t like an item I will say so, in an honest review on my blog. I only blog about items that I think my readers will also like as I like to help people find new and amazing products.

However If I am sent an item from a PR company, for free in return for a blog post or a review It will either be listed with (*) to  mark the item as a sample from a PR company.  If either of those signs aren’t there next to a linked item, it means I bought the item with my own money. I am always 100% with my reviews and what items are bought by me or have been sent to me.

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