How I Started My Blog | My Tips & Advice| Updated 2015


Hi i’m Katie from I wanted to write a little post about how I started my blog.
I did a post on this at the beginning of this year and just thought I would update it.
I hope my tips and advice will help you out if your a new blogger.
Feel free to comment your advice and tips to help new bloggers.

This blog post is a long one so I’ve spilt it into sections!

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I’ve wanted to blog now for a few years but always put myself off because I had very little to blog about and never had a good quality camera to take pictures of the products I wanted to review. When I came to university I started to buy more things like beauty items and a camera which then gave me more things to talk about and helped me take good quality pictures and videos to put on my blog.

A huge thing that put me off was my anxiety, At the back of my head I always thought no one would read my blog posts and that my posts won’t be as good as other people’s. But I’ve proved myself wrong and I have created the blog I have always dreamed of having!

You don’t have to have a lot of money to have a blog, you can write about anything you want and review all the products you have in your cupboard you don’t have to go out and buy new things. Do not let the idea of having to have lot’s of money and new products put you off blogging.

I started my blog because I am one of those people who google everything! And I’m not even joking, if I have a problem or need some advice on something I’m straight on to google and clicking every link that stands out to me.

So, I wanted my blog to be that place where if someone googled ‘How do I make my hair thicker?’ my blog would come up with the answer, as I always wanted just one place where I could find all the answers to the questions I had.

So if you every need a blog post about something and I have the answer or product feel free and I will write that blog post for you.

How I Started Blogging.

I started my blog back in my first year of university. I came across WordPress because me and Blogger just didn’t get on. I fell in love with WordPress because of how easy it was to use and how you could make your blog the way you wanted it to look.

I went on a day out to liverpool and bought a few items from lush, I decided to take photo’s from my lush haul. I had the lush haul blog post in the draft folder for months before I eventually plucked up the courage to hit ‘publish’. The pictures were taken on my iPhone and I put it all together on the WordPress app on my iPad. I finally uploaded it after months of it being in that folder and since then I’ve not stopped blogging and I’m glad I found the courage to upload it and that’s how my blog started.

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