Quick And Easy – Cross Stitch Christmas Tag’s

cross stitch

Hello Everyone!
Since it’s nearly christmas I’ve decided to do a quick and easy DIY. I got a little kit the other day to make these cute and different christmas tags. If you like cross stitching this will be easy if you don’t follow the simple steps to help create these christmas tags.


If you don’t have the little kit all you need are:

Some Aida
Red Thread
Some Cardboard Tags (you can either make these or buy them cheap and just stick the cross stitch over them)
Glue/ Sticky Tape


Step 1:

You want to choose your template you want to put on the gift tag.

Step 2:

Cut out the right size Aida for the gift tag

Step 3:

i started with the little V like shapes at the bottom. You want to count across to see if you have enough room and where to start.


Here’s the easiest diagram i could find to show you what you need to do. First you need to thread your red thread into the needle, make sure you tie a knot at the end. The tread will come in around 6 pieces, you need to spilt them into two and then thread the 2 pieces into the needle. Then on the aida you will see little squares, from the back you need to take the needle and go through A ( The top left side of the square) Then you take it through b (Bottom Right corner) Then from the back of the aida you need to take the needle through C (Bottom Left corner) then thread the needle into the D (Top Right corner)

I hope this helps, once you get the rhythm of it will be easier. If there are more than one crosses on the pattern you need to just do A – B until the line is done and then go back on them. ( I hope this is making sense)


(I’m sorry the pictures are a little blurry it was took at night without any good light)

Once you get the hang of it, it should start coming out like this on your aida, i would recommend starting off with the easiest one first to help you get the hang of cross stitching.

Once you’ve done your pattern you need to tie the thread up at the back and cut it so it can’t unravel.

PicMonkey hkh

Turn your cross stitch over and tape the loose thread up on the back. Then turn it back around and lay it on the gift tag, you then want to either glue it or stick it with sticky tape to hold the cross stitch in place. Then take any thread of your choosing and tie it through the hole in the gift tag, then you can stick this on to your presents.

I think these add such a nice touch to christmas presents and i like how simple and nice they look on presents.

I hope you like this DIY and please like and comment if you would like more of these blog post’s.

Thanks for Reading,
Katie xx

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How To Make Cheese, Leek & Bacon Tart


So me and my flatmate decided to a little late night cooking. I helped him create this amazing Cheese, Leek & Bacon Tart.


Carry on reading if you want to know how to make this amazing tart!

What you will need;

Olive Oil

3 leeks

 Ready-rolled puff pastry

 Soft cheese with garlic and herbs

4 Pieces of Bacon

Grated Cheese

step by step

1. Preheat the oven to 200C

2. Cut the Leek into thin slices.

3. Fry them until they are soft, when they are soft put them in a bowl or on a plate.

4.Cut the bacon of your choice into think slices.

5. Fry the bacon until crispy.

6. Unroll the pastry and put a layer of the soft cheese on it.

7. Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and then add the leeks and bacon.

8. Add the rest of the cheese on top.

9. Flip the edges of the pastry over.

10. Cook for around 20 minutes until its golden.

11. Enjoy!

Comment below if you have made this and if you enjoyed it 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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How I Curl Short Hair



Want to know how i achieve loose messy waves? Carry on reading or even watch my hair curling video, i hope you enjoy 🙂


What you need;

Remington Curling Wand ( or any wand of your choice)

A Brush

Hair spray of your choice

Hair Clips

step by step

1. Brush your hair to remove any knots before curling.

2. Spilt your hair above your ears and clip the rest up.

3. Get a piece of hair thats about an inch in width and start curling from the back to front. You can keep changing the direction you curl the hair in to create a more natural curly hair.

4. Hairspray the hair you’ve just curled.

5. Take some more hair down and curl that and repeat until all your hair is curled.

6. Flip your hair upside down and brush through with your fingers, flip your hair back up and then hairspray your whole hair again. I do this to separate the curls and make the curls less tight.

The tightness of the curl depends on how long you hold the curling iron to your hair. I went for a loose messy curl so i only held the curling wand to my hair for 5 seconds.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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How To Ombre Your Hair At Home


photo 3

I’ve been ombreing my hair for a few years now and i love how it looks in my hair. I’ve tried so many hair dye’s and i always go back to the same one. Garnier Nutrisse Pre Lightener you can find this in boots and superdrug. I love this product and don’t find it damaging unlike other bleaches.

whats in the box


In the box you get;

The Developer Creme

Pre Lightning Creme

2 Sachets of Lightning Powder


Pair of Gloves


how to ombre

1. Brush your hair to get out any knots.

2. Choose where you want the ombre to start from ( I go from the chin)

3. Spilt your hair from your ears and clip half of it up.

4. Mix the Lightning Creme together (If you have dark hair i would use 2 sachets if you have light i would only use 1)

5. Start putting the product on the ends on your hair in little sections and rub in, work up your hair to  where you want it to start. Do this to each section on your hair.

6. After you’ve put the product all over your hair, go back through your hair and check your haven’t missed any strands of hair. Take the rest of the product and rub it into your hair and then put it in foil.

7. I leave it on for 20 minutes then check my hair, if its not as light as i want it to be i leave it on for another 20 minutes. Keep in mind the colour you see won’t be the colour it will turn out after you wash it, so if its really light it might be a couple shades darker when washed out.

8. Wash hair throughly and use the conditioner you got in the box. If you want you can use a hair mask because bleaching can damage your hair.


photo 2 photo 1

This is what my hair looked like before i dyed it, my hair is black and after 40 minutes my ends are a nice gingery blonde colour. It looks nice and i think this hair trend won’t dye out any time soon. After ombreing your hair use hair masks and spilt end treatments just to help repair your hair.

Thank you for reading,
Katie x

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How To Repair Damaged Hair

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After trying to get my hair back to it’s natural colour my hair got really damaged in the process and kept snapping off. This wasn’t good for me because I’ve been trying to grow my hair and i then had to have 2/3 inches cut off because it was so damaged! These are the things i did to my hair to help repair and strengthen it back up. I would recommend reading reviews before using certain brands of hair dye as some can do more damage then good to you hair.

What I Used To Help Repair My Hair


L’Oreal Elvive – Thickening Masque 

This first thing i did was use hair mask’s. There are a lot of hair masks out there but finding one that actually does the job it’s supposed to do can be hard. I’ve used many masks but i haven’t really noticed a difference in my hair. I then used John Frieda’s Full Repair Deep Conditioner (£5.89) I put this all over my hair when it was wet, put it in a bun and left it for 5-10 minutes, i then washed it off. The first time i used it i didn’t really notice a difference but after a while i started to see my spilt ends were not as noticeable and my hair wasn’t snapping off as much.


Mane ‘n’ Tail Shampoo & Conditioner 

The next thing i did was find a Shampoo and Conditioner that would repair my hair and stop it from snapping off easily. I turned back to Mane ‘n Tail ( around £7 from amazon) as it helps grow hair and i heard it strengthens hair as well. After a month of using the shampoo i noticed such a huge difference in my hair, my hair wasn’t snapping off while i was washing my hair and it looks more healthy and my spilt ends were not as noticeable. I will always highly recommend this product because its help my hair grow and strengthen in a short time and always does wonders to my hair.


Tangel Teezer

I purchased a Tangle Teezer from boots. (£10.99) This hair brush is expensive but defiantly worth the money. I got recommend this by a friend and I’ve loved it ever since. As i have fine hair, my hair knots very easily, just going on a short walk can knot my hair so much if you have fine hair you will understand the pain. This brush helps get the knots out without hurting my scalp or pulling my hair out. Its gentle on the hair and prevents damaging it. Changing your hair brush sounds a little silly when talking about how to repair your hair but it’s such an improvement and can help just as much as using a hair mask as you brush your hair everyday and if your brush is ripping hair out each time you brush it its going to damage your hair even more.


Umberto Giannini – Mend My Hair Therapy

The last thing i did was try to find a product to help spilt ends. I searched high and low for a good product that wasn’t too pricy and did the job. After doing lots of research and not being able to find the product i wanted to try out i picked up the Umberto Giannini – Mend My Hair Therapy (£7.99) If i’m honest I’ve never heard of or used any of this brands products before. But i picked it up and gave it a go and I’m happy with the results. After I’ve washed my hair i take 2 little pumps and rub it between my hands, i then evenly put it through my hair focusing more on the ends of my hair. I used this every time i wash my hair and with using this product for a short to i noticed a difference with my spilt ends. Im not very keen on putting oily products in my hair but this has helped my ends a lot and is defiantly worth the price.

I’m happy with the results from these products as my hair was that bad and breaking i didn’t want to have to cut it again. These have helped repair my hair and get it back to the state it was in before i dyed it. I’ve tried to make sure some of these products are affordable but it can be hard finding affordable products that work as sometimes its easier to pay a little more for something that will benefit you in the long run.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post helped you.
Katie x

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