Lacura | Count Down to New Year Advent Calendar – Review


Lacura | Count Down to New Year Advent Calendar 

This brilliant 6-day calendar is filled with your favourite Lacura beauty products, ready to help you make the most of the New Year celebrations. Simply start opening from Boxing Day until New Year’s Eve to discover your daily beauty boost.

Calendar includes:

  • Healthy Glow Retinol Toner to ease redness and reduce signs of aging
  • Golden Glow Hydrating Mask to hydrate your skin
  • Pink Clay Hot Cloth Cleanser with cocoa butter
  • Gentle Facial Moisturiser with eucalyptus oil, vitamin E and rosemary extracts
  • Healthy Glow Rose Oil
  • Luxury Bitter Orange Eau de Toilette




I know it will be an item in Aldi that can no longer be purchased but some of the  products inside are still available in store and online so I thought I would do mini reviews on the products inside. Hope you enjoy.

I bought myself the Lacura | Count Down to New Year advent calendar as a treat as I love Lacuras skincare range and it is a nice way to try some of their products out. I also bought one of these for my mum, sister and best friend. I think these make such a nice gift for yourself and others as you can get some nice skincare items to try out.


Lacura | Golden Glow Mask
For all skin types



This product smells amazing!
Gives skin a nice glow after using it.
applies to the skin easily and isn’t heavy on the skin.
Non greasy residue left after using
Doesn’t irate the skin

Does leave the skin very shimmery


This face mask is nice to use once or twice a month to give the skin a nice healthy glow! It smells lovely and doesn’t leave the skin greasy after use. The only downfall of this mask is that if you don’t wash it off fully you are left with a small layer of shimmer on the skin, which if you don’t like glitter I don’t recommend using this. But other then that I really like this face mask.

Unfortunately I cant find this product on the Aldi website and I think it might have been a one off in the Advent calendar so I am unable to link the item.



Lacura | Gentle Facial Moisturiser
For all skin types


Smells nice, isn’t heavily scented.
Isnt heavy on the skin.
Not greasy.
Feels nice and light on the skin.
Drys quick.





Surprisingly I actually really like this product. It is very lightweight and non greasy on the skin. Sometimes moisturiser can feel heavy and greasy on the skin and just doesn’t feel nice throughout the day. Because its so lightweight and non greasy this allows your makeup to sit nicely on top of the moisturiser.  I’m hoping Aldi sell these instore as I would like to repurchase this once I’ve ran out of this one. I highly recommend this moisturiser.

This product is also not on the Aldi website but I am hoping they bring it out as a regular item in store.




Lacura | No.10 Bitter Orange


Smells lovely
Lasts all day


Small bottle



I have never tried any of the perfumes that Aldi have brought out. I know a while ago they had a range of smells that were dupes of Jo Malone, this was a huge hit with people and got some good reviews. So I was pleased when I got a little perfume in with this advent calendar. It is quite a small bottle you get, but for the plus of this it can be kept in your handbag. At first when I smelled the perfume in the bottle it didn’t take my fancy. But after spraying it on myself i really liked the frangence!

It lasts all day and I wore it to work one day and through out the day I kept getting wiffs of the perfume! I will be purchasing some of their other perfumes to try out! Another good product in this Advent Calender.

There isn’t a link to just buy this perfume, you can buy it in a set and that’s for £14.99 and you can find it instores. Heres the link for it online.

Hot cloth

Lacura | Pink Hot Cloth Cleanser


Comes with muslin cloth.
Smells nice.
Removes even mascara
Gentle one the skin.
Removes all makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and cleansed.




I have used the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and it was nice to see Aldi had brought out a much affordable dupe of this item. I also found it was amazing it came with a muslin cloth! It is so gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate which is a plus! It removes all traces of makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. I find this a nice size to use for travel as its nice size to have. For the price this product is amazing and a fraction of some Hot Cloth Cleansers. You cant fault the qaulity or the price of this item!

This item is £3.99 and you can find it instore and online here. 


Lacura | Healthy Glow Retinol Toner


Non greasy.
Leaves skin feel refreshed and toned.




This is a dupe of the Pixi Retinol Toner. It is such a nice skincare item to have without breaking the bank. In order to get a good toner, sometimes you have to spend a lot of money! So to be able to buy a nice toner that ticks all the boxes and does what it says it is amazing. I will be rebuying this item once I’ve finished this as I find it such a nice product that leaves you feeling refreshed. Sometimes some toners will leave you with a greasy like film on your skin, this doesn’t. It is a nice product to have in your skincare routine.

Unfortunately I cant find this on the Aldi website, but sometimes you do find them in stores so make sure you keep an eye out!



Lacura | Healthy Glow Rose Oil


Sinks into the skin quick.
Isn’t greasy


Heavy on the skin


I’ve seen this Rose range in Aldi while doing my shop and really wanted to try these out. But because I’m trying to use all the skincare products I already have before purchasing new ones I have never picked them up. So to get one in the Advent Calendar I was really happy. Sometimes I avoid oils as I can find them very heavy and greasy on my skin. This product is a little heavy on the skin as it is an oil but it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy! I tend to use this before bed or after I’ve done a face mask. I actually really like this product and i am going to try the rest of this range.

This product is no longer available but sometimes you can find it in stores.





This was such value for money! Even thought the items inside were smaller versions of their products, it allowed you to get a decent sized sample to use before you bought the bigger version, apart from the shimmer in the face mask I cant fault any of these products and they are all so amazing for their price and what they do. It is also a massive bonus that these items are not tested on animals, so a huge thumbs up to Aldi.

I’m hoping Aldi will bring out these items are full sized products to repurchase and that this year they will bring out another Advent Calendar as I think they are such good value for money and its nice to try out different items in their skincare range. And if your like me who preffers skincare over make up this is perfect for you!

You’ve got to give it to Aldi to bring out such amazing dupes that look and are the same as high end brands! It makes it so good for people to have nice luxery items that are so affordable.


Have you tried any of these Lacura products? Or any other of their skincare products?

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*Please note the pictures are form the Aldi Website and are not my own*

Lacura – Visage Facial Cleanser



Lacura | Visage Facial Cleaner Review


Overview Of The Product

Give your skin a healthy glow with this vibrating and oscillating Pro Style facial cleansing tool. Use to buff away dead skin and leave your skin feeling cleaned and fresh ready for the day or on the night time after a long day.



3 x Brushes (sensitive, medium, hard)

1 x Soft sponge
1 x Facial massager
1 x Targeted massager
1 x Body brush
1 x Storage cradle



Oscillating head

Compact and light-weight
Safe and easy to use
Easy to clean
Help free your pores of dirt, oil and make-up
Vibrating facial cleansing brush
Battery operated
On/ off button
Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Combines bi-polar RF energy, LED light energy and IR heat energy




Lacura brought out a facial cleansing brush a while ago and when I went to buy it I couldn’t find it instore and it was sold out online. I’ve looked everywhere for a similar brush as it comes with all different brush heads and a body brush. On amazon I found a nice facial cleanser brush with a variety of brush heads, these were expensive and I was unsure on ordering it so left it in my basket.

Recently I went to Aldi to do my shop and picked up one of their weekly booklets, in their was there was a Visage Facial Cleanser and I was so happy to see they had brought out another one! It came in two different colours, white and silver and white and metallic rose. It has 5 brush heads and a body brush!

I went into the shop the day before it was brought out and was surprised to see a man stocking the Visage Facial Cleanser on the shop floor. I grabbed the rose gold one as I didn’t want to chance not buying it and it going out of stock again.




This is supposed to be a dupe of the Clarins Facial Brush but because I have never used that product I cant really say if its the same or better then that product.

First time I used it I used the normal brush head, I used it with my daily facial cleanser. I did expect the brush head to be really soft but it was a little rough on the skin, but after a while it felt a lot nicer on the skin, I was worried it might make my skin red but it made my skin feel so soft! For some reason I expected the brush head to rotate but it just vibrates. Which is good because it doesn’t lather the product loads and I find it works the product into the skin nicely.

The brush heads are small enough for you to get everywhere on your face, there is two brush heads for skin massage and one that helps with blood circulation which will be good to use with a sheet face mask on. The massage ones I find perfect for using on the face when you have a sheet mask on, it feels nice and massages the product into the skin.

It leaves skin feeling so soft and cleansed and I cant wait to use it daily to give my face deep clean and sometimes I find you still have makeup on your face after cleaning it. This brush works well into the skin and removes all traces of makeup while also giving your skin a nice deep cleanse.

The product isn’t loud, it sounds the same as an electric toothbrush so the noise isn’t annoying. It is very light weight and its great that it comes with a holder so you can store it nicely.

I’m looking forward to using the body brush as I think paired with an exfoliator especially on my legs it will help with stretch marks and getting rid of dead skin to help new skin growth which will allow stretch marks to fade.




I now have had this product since Christmas, in order to do a truthful review on the product I have used it every day using the different brush heads. For nearly 3 weeks I have cleansed my face using the soft brush head, I have used the body one after a shower and before moisturising, and used the massaging brush heads when I used facemask. All in all I have really liked this product from Aldi, I do wish that it would be chargeable but other then that I cant fault this product at all.


  • Variety of brush heads, gives you options. Theres 6 brushes in total and a body brush.
  • Makes skin feel soft and clean!
  • It isnt harsh on the skin, doesnt make your skin go red.
  • Gives it a good deep clean
  • Has a brush holder so that it is easy to store.


The two things I dislike on this are that it is battery operated and brushes can feel a little harsh on skin when you first use them, but that might be because im not used to using a facial cleanser brush. It would also be nice to have a little bag to keep all the attachaments in so they can all be stored together but for £12.99 you cant really beat the quality and usage of the product.

This product is £12.99 you can find it instore at Aldi or online here as they are still in stock!

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Lacura | Exfoliating Mud Mask Review


Lacura | Exfoliating Mud Mask 

Created to reduce the appearance of imperfections, this Lacura Charcoal Mud Mask is the ideal addition to your beauty regime. Going on black before turning clear and foamy once water has been applied, this mask will help remove excess oils and gently exfoliate your skin. This all works to leave you with a clear complexion and a refined, balanced skin tone. With ingredients such as clay, charcoal powder, and extracts of coconut, bamboo and eucalyptus oil, the mask targets problem skin, leaving behind a radiant and healthy glow.


It claims to;

Helps to reduce imperfections and tighten pores
Helps to improve skin texture and overall complexion
With clay and charcoal powder, plus extracts of coconut, bamboo and eucaplytus oil
Mask targets problem-prone skin, removes excess oil and sebum for a clearer, more balanced skin appearance
Clarifying, mattifying and pore minimalising
Cruelty free
For a mattified and clear skin complexion
Not suitable for sensitive skin
Start seeing results from 4 weeks of use

Charcoal deep cleans your skin, removes excess oil, clear up acne, reduces pore size and is easy to wash off



Aldi have brought out skincare products, Lacura is their skincare brand and they have a wide range of products and they are super affordable and work as well as leading brands. Some of the products they bring out are limited products that sell out quick! But some of their items they can be found for months after.

I came across this face mask as there has been a big hype around mud masks lately. As I do prefer sheet masks, once a month I do like to use a mud mask on my face as they really help to bring out all the impurities from the skin and make my face feel refreshed and clean! I like to use this mask with a face mask brush, it makes it so much easier to apply and is less messy!

Compared to other brands who sell face masks like this they can be ridicously priced and do the same thing, so for this only being £5.99 it is such a good product for the price and will save you a lot of money! Like most people I can not justify spending a fortune on skin care products no matter how good they! So finding affordable skin care products that actually work is amazing!



This face mask instantly starts to draw out grease and dirt from the skin. It helps with breakouts too. It does tingle when applied onto spots. It applies nicely onto the skin, you apply this onto dry skin and leave it for 5-10 minutes. After this time you then wash the mask off your skin with warm water. It does recommend you can use this 1-2 times a week but like I said previously I like to use a mud mask once a month for a deep cleanse as using 1-2 times a week I can find it really drying on the skin. After removing this face masks, my skin feels so soft and smooth. Also my pores seem to be reduced!

I wouldn’t recommend using this face mask if you have sensitive skin as it has small granuals in it that help to expoliate the skin. So when taking this face mask off it can be a little rough on the skin. Apart from that I have no negative things to say about this face mask! It is such a good face mask, it is super affordable and it does what it claims to do! The packing of this product is nice and simple.

All in all I really do recommend this face mask, it is perfect for a pamper day and it really helps your skin. It makes it feel refreshed and clean and gets rid of all the impurities on your skin. For the amount of product you get for the price is amazing!


This face mask is from Aldi and is £5.99 and you can find it instores (in the middle isle)  or online here.

Have you tried this Lacura mud mask? Or any other of their products?

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